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  1. CodePanda

    Problem whit Arma 3 performance

    Sweet, didn't think that could be the cause. Only heard of audio issues involving mod/gamefile corruption. Good it worked out. :-) Fair point, I was going to suggest it could be overheating in case CPU/GPU started throttling down. At least it's sorted!
  2. CodePanda

    Problem whit Arma 3 performance

    Okay, I think the problem is pinpointed. Could you switch Arma 3 over to an SSD? A standard 7200 RPM HDD is not up to the task for Arma III.
  3. CodePanda


    Are you by chance using Reshade or SweetFX? If not, I'd uninstall the GPU drivers with DDU and reinstall your 750Ti drivers.
  4. CodePanda

    Problem whit Arma 3 performance

    Interesting issue, I'm willing to follow up on this. Could you answer the following: - How are your power options in Windows? Balanced power scheme? Could you change it to high performance? - Can you disable the following CPU power states in your BIOS; C7, C6, C3, etc. - Is Arma 3 running on a HDD?
  5. Hmm, I haven't really experienced your issue, but give this a try: 1) Disconnect your device 2) Open Device Manager 3) You'll probably see "Unknown/Other Device" being shown with a warning sign, right click it, uninstall & delete drivers for this device. 4) While still in Device Manager, click on view in the top left corner > click on "show hidden devices" 5) Right click, uninstall and delete the drivers for your (greyed out)joystick. 6) Plug in device and wait for the drivers to install. 7) Profit ???