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  1. Hi Guys, poped the mod on our server and couldn't get in. incorrect keys :(
  2. I love the atmosphere it adds to the game, but i downloaded 1.5 and it doesn't work at all in the wipeout. i had to roll back to a previous version. Is anyone still working on this mod?
  3. PC_Joe

    Mighty GAU-8/A Avenger

    Yep, I downloaded 3.1 and with the keys switched off on the server the mod works. However, if the keys are switched on i get a message saying "You where Kicked". Which is a little weird as i would of expected to get a keys error message. Its as though it recognized the keys but was unable to resolve the match, concluding i had some dodgy keys and kicked me.
  4. PC_Joe

    Mighty GAU-8/A Avenger

    Great Mod, I've used it since it first came out. Thanks for hours of fun! At the moment though it wouldn't work on our Linux Server with the keys active. Since no one else seams to have an issue, maybe it is a Linux specific problem. Windows servers are more relaxed when it comes to naming conventions. However Linux is very specific, especially when it comes to case sensitivity. Of course I am only guessing this is the issue, anyway just thought i would let you know.
  5. PC_Joe

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    First Up; Awesome Mod, just awesome! I have run into two problems though: At 2-3 hours into a mission (:j: yes we play long missions). AI characters in my team start dying, its weird they never just die right in front of me but rather when I loose sight of them or am around a building. They just die, I loose them from the squad bar and I run over to find their dead body. They are playable characters, I don't know if that make any difference. The A164 lift is a bit off, typically I can take-off on the south-east airfield of Altis. The airfield is 580m long and even at 160 kph (the best speed I could get out of it) I plow into the back fence. If realism is the aim, than (I had to look these up by the way :D) a real A-10 with reduced ordnance can take off in less than 370m (1200 feet) or fully loaded in 580m (1900 feet). I know the A164 is not a real aircraft, but we have to assume it is meant to be better than the A-10 or at a minimum the similar. Maybe a brakes option would be the way to go, allowing the player to build up thrust and faster acceleration for takeoff. Other than that, you have done an outstanding job. I all ways feel like I am missing out when I have to go back to vanilla Amra3. Thanks for the hours and weeks to come of fun!