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  1. Done! All CUP maps were retested with the CUP Terrains - Core, CUP Terrains - Maps, and CBA enabled, just to be sure. This retest shows more maps are affected than previously thought and in various ways. A full report has been written in the ticket. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. I hope the information provided is valuable in helping you resolve the issue. Link to ticket: http://dev.cup-arma3.org/T1853
  2. The way I first discovered it was on Dynamic Recon Ops, and for whatever reason it kept setting Takistan to overcast. But for scientific purposes, I exported a simple mission file from Eden into singleplayer, completely taking Eden out of the equation.
  3. Hey guys, I noticed a small issue when playing on Takistan (and some similar maps in CUP). If overcast weather is present, the lighting on characters does not match the lighting on the map itself. Characters appear almost black against a brighter Takistan background, making enemies super easy to see and breaking gameplay. When recreating the same conditions on Altis and even Chernarus, the lighting issue was not present. It looks like Takistan, Takistain Mountains, Shapur, and Zargabad all suffer from this issue when I test it. But other desert type maps like Desert and Proving Grounds react beautifully and realistically to overcast weather, similar to Altis and Chernarus. Not all maps have been tested, though. In short, it's only a select few maps in the pack that have the issue, and not all desert maps have the issue. I apologize if this issue has been discussed in the past, I went through many pages on this thread and didn't find anything related to it. If it's necessary that I go report this on your feedback tracker let me know, figured I'd discuss it here first and make sure it's not something on my end that needs fixing. To be clear, this was tested both with my mod set enabled and with CUP (and CBA) isolated by themselves; no difference in results. Here's a few images that show what I'm talking about. How day/overcast on Altis looks compared to Takistan: http://imgur.com/a/E4v2i
  4. I agree. And I'd prefer the 1 gun version as well, most of the concept art looks better than the actual in-game assets. They have too much of that RTS look in-game as opposed to the concept art which looks more believable.
  5. Great trailer. I don't see how anyone can't shit themselves at the sight of a frigate and a dozen dropships.
  6. I hope soon to recreate the fight for Omaha Beach with UNSC units.
  7. Pretty sure he just meant certain areas of the BA. http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120514230231/halo/images/9/9d/HR_Campagin-Exodus_ODSTGroup.jpg So there you can see the BDU underneath the armor has a camo pattern, the ones in Halo 3 have camo patterns on parts of their armor: http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20071102184124/halo/images/f/f9/Engaged_in_Combat.jpg Here you can see the Rookie has some camo on his thigh plates, but not much anywhere else: http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100413124735/halo/images/2/27/The_Rookie.jpg Really can't wait for the ODST overhaul. They already look great, but you guys are going to swap out for the Halo: Reach look right?
  8. They have been in the past, normally only a couple hours behind. I doubt it'll push past a day, it hasn't before.
  9. Very eager for the release this Friday, can't wait to see the new additions.
  10. Not to be rude, but please try to articulate any questions you have in a clear and concise manner so it is easy for the developers to answer them. As for WIP assets, please refer to their reddit page and find the "UPLINK" post. There they post what's currently in the works every week.
  11. Awesome work, i really can't wait until this weapon is implemented. I'm eager for the time where we won't have vanilla placeholder weapons in our unit loadouts. I don't know if the developers realize how "Halo" that map actually looks. All I can think about while watching that is "The Silent Cartographer" or "Death Island". Maybe even a little "The Covenant" from Halo 3. I'm seriously pumped to try this map.
  12. Judging by the name, it will probably be a pretty damn cool mod. It would be cool to see it hand in hand with OPTRE. Kinda relieved about it actually. I think it sort of goes along with custom ODST units. You can skin your own, along with your weapons, and then you have your own customized units. You guys have to remember that while there are people who paint their rifles, there are a ton more who don't, and we never see it in the Halo universe aside from the Halo 4 multiplayer.
  13. But then when would we ever see the normal guns? You're going to almost always be in a woodland, snow, or desert environment. The only time the default camo would make sense is in an urban deployment, and what percentage of maps are mostly urban? The New Mombassa map will be, sure, but only seeing the normal guns on one map would be a tad disappointing. http://www.defense.gov/dodcmsshare/newsphoto/2008-03/hires_080306-M-8774P-051.jpg http://www.strategypage.com/gallery/images/poptun-patrol.jpg http://images.military.com/media/equipment/personal-equipment/marine-snow-camouflage-uniform/marine-snow-camouflage-uniform_007.jpg Not sure if all of those photos are real, but I'm pretty sure more often than not soldiers don't paint their guns. Now here's an idea for you, how about instead of completely changing the guns appearance for the environment, why not make them look like they've been affected by that environment? For instance, the desert troops would have some slight sand buildup in the crevices of their guns, snow troops would have some frost on their guns, woodland soldiers might have mud buildup on their guns, urban soldiers would have relatively clean guns, etc. This way, we see the normal guns always, but it matches its environment still. Obviously if you deploy snow troops in the jungle it's going to look weird, but I don't think people will be doing that anyway.
  14. To be honest, gun camos are kind of a turn off for me. To me it just resonates with CoD, and it's one thing I didn't like about Halo 4. And we never actually see customized weaponry in any of the campaigns, so it seems a bit out of place if you ask me. Yes, it's in the multiplayer, and I'm not sure if what goes on there is canon, but it's still off-putting. I guess if you made the weapons not standard and you have to specifically give them to a unit in a loadout, then I don't see an issue. But if we're painting everyone's AR green it's going to be a little ridiculous. I'd honestly rather the devs not invest their time into this if they can be investing it in better things. I'm still waiting to see the progress on the MA3, can't wait.
  15. Brush up on the lore dude, the '56 Buick was around AFTER the Insurrection era. It's non-canon. Pretty excited for the Golden Hog though. It's pretty much in the game, just the retexture is needed like you said.
  16. I don't see what's wrong with it, do you not like 343i's body design?
  17. You dare speak ill of the golden Hog? The Guardians will have your head!
  18. I've been gone a day and you guys filled 5 pages, yikes. Not sure if it's been discussed, but will we be seeing the M6? And I don't mean the pistol, I mean it's big brother: http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/M6_Grindell/Galilean_Nonlinear_Rifle
  19. Yeah, the MA37 was used by the Army and the MA5 was used by the Marines, two different names for the same rifle. You haven't proven anything I've said wrong. "The MA37 (more formally Individual Combat Weapon System, Caliber 7.62 mm, MA37) is an air-cooled, gas-operated rifle firing 7.62x51mm ammunition. It is magazine-fed and is capable of fully automatic fire. The MA37 (MA5 for Marines and Navy) first entered service with the UNSC in 2437, it has remained the primary service rifle of all branches of the UNSC ever since." -Bungie And I know the reasons why they replaced the MA5B, but it wasn't replaced until later on. During this time period, the MA5C wasn't invented yet, so it's either they used the MA5 or the MA5B, and having both the Marines and Army using the same rifle seems boring, so equipping the Marines with the MA5B and the Army with the MA37 seemed like a good option.
  20. My take on the Assault Rifles: I did not know about the flashlight, I'll have to go try it out. As for the optics, I would also consider it low priority. Only the optics on long range weapons should be the ones under refinement.
  21. If I'm being honest, I really couldn't care less for optic support. The ammo counter is a lot cooler and more immersive than random optics on the weapon. However if I may say, is it really necessary to have both versions of the AR? The MA37 pretty much fills the same role as the MA5C, so having the MA5B with 60 round mags and the MA37 with 32 round mags seems like it would make more sense. Not to mention, with weapons like the MA5K and MA2B on the way, would we need so many weapons to fill one role? Pulling the MA5C from the mod and swapping it in with the MA5B would make sense lore-wise and wouldn't affect gameplay with the introduction of the MA37, MA5K, and MA2B (not that you're restricted to lore, but it's always a plus when it works with it). Just my thoughts on the matter. Sort of related, but will we be seeing the flashlight attachment for the MA5B and it's counterparts? That little green button having a function would be pretty neat, since it wouldn't sport a grenade launcher. I don't want to say I like that picture since I love the UNSC, but that's a pretty damn cool screenshot.
  22. I don't think it's the lack of random chatter, but the lack of updates and interaction from the devs. It would be nice to get at least one post a day from any of the devs talking about what they're working on, or post WIP screens. Even though the rocket launcher post caused a bit of a stir, it was nice to see progress being made. Even something as insignificant as "Today I'm working on the trigger on the DMR model," or, "This afternoon I've been working extensively on patching this particular bug". Seeing at least one thing a day or getting a detailed post from one of the devs on whatever they're currently working on would be really neat and would keep the thread alive and well. You're right, though, without this slightly on/off topic chatter the thread is pretty quiet.
  23. Babble Let's please keep things on topic, I was guilty of straying off yesterday with the MA5B talk and we should do our best to keep this thread from getting cluttered. Any news from the devs? What are you guys currently working on?
  24. I agree, but I'm glad you guys are sticking close enough to where it makes sense. It gives the mod a layer of authenticity. Thank you, I was about to post this. Guns don't put the force of a thousand tigers into your shoulder when you fire them, if you were stuck to the floor you wouldn't wobble around and smack your head on the ground like one of those inflatable arm-flailing tube men. Your muscles would react to the applied force and compensate to keep you standing upright. Plus the MJOLNIR suits have had small thrusters on them for stability purposes. Whether or not the ODST suits have them, I do not know. This topic seems pointless though, I don't know why it was brought up in the first place.