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  1. Melee is completely useless in this game, and only serves to screw us in the middle of tense moments when we are trying to turn and run to cover, but instead we slow to a walking pace as we swing at the air, and are subsequently made easy targets for our enemy to shoot at.
  2. pokebreaker

    Remove Melee from button bindings

    Sure, melee can stay. I'd just like to be able to either map it to another button of choice, or unbind it altogether. Right now, my only way to avoid activating melee in tense moments, is to have my weapon already holstered when I run around, so that it can't melee at all. But then I have to run around without me weapon at the ready.
  3. pokebreaker

    Airdrop Stealth

    The stealth still works, but it sometimes still gives the carrier the indicators that they are visible
  4. pokebreaker

    Matchmaking is frustrating. Still.

    You'll really have to re-define your understanding of a shooter game. This game is a Survival Looter-Shooter, with a priority on the Survival and Looting; IMO almost like a role-playing game with shooting capabilities. Camping and being scared to engage are intended effects, because it somewhat simulates reality (the overall goal isn't necessarily realism though). You're not necessarily expected to fill your bags on every encounter. Sometimes you have to concede that getting a few things and escaping is better than trying to get more and potentially die. These are all decisions every player has to make in each encounter. The better you get at making those decisions, the better off you will be in this game. As an example of combat scenarios, anytime I'm approaching a building or structure, I go to a walking pace about 80m away, then I crouch-walk at about 50m, and then I crawl at about 25m. The goal is that if someone inside looting, I will hopefully be able to hear their footsteps, without them hearing mine. That gives me the opportunity to ambush them if they decide to leave from one of the doors instead of the windows. Footsteps are very loud in this game, so whoever hears the other person first, has a massive advantage. This game definitely takes more time to learn than typical arena shooters. Unfortunately, that is the only remedy to the issue. If you are in a stacked lobby, get a little loot, then get out. Be happy to escape with something, and the re-queue for a hopefully better matchmaking roll.
  5. pokebreaker

    Matchmaking is frustrating. Still.

    I don't know if this game uses SBMM. It has a very small population. Keep in mind that even if they don't display their kill badge, they may still have significant experience over you. Its very likely that you've killed veteran players who aren't necessarily combat focused.
  6. pokebreaker

    Portable Detector‘s??? WTF holy Shit

    Its a bug, "Warning: A new bug appears in this update - the Portable Signal detector Pings only one randomly selected user throughout the whole Encounter" (Reference: https://vigorgame.com/changelog/81). Although, I wouldn't be surprised if it were an intentional "bug" to test how it would effect gameplay. That said, the Portable Signal Detectors shouldn't mean that players get to turn their brains off. I'm personally ok with PSDs giving random pings, but the actual Signal Detector, which requires risk, providing a fully accurate signal map.
  7. pokebreaker

    Devs have too much time on their hands

    You sound foolish... Its funny that we can see exactly how Enraged you are, based on your ridiculous usage of "Fascist," "Commies," and "Kindergartners." I'm assuming you are a grown man/woman, yet you haven't learned how to articulate yourself in a constructive manner. See, I bet by this point, you aren't even considering the rest of what I have to say, because I've insulted you. There's nothing wrong with being upset and voicing those opinions, but you went all extra, because of your entitled mentality. You should pursue a course in Interpersonal Communication, it would provide you immense value.
  8. In a building on Batterie Draug (see video @ 0.13 seconds), there is an overturned table that, when hipfire aiming, registers as though it is a solid object all the way up to the ceiling, even though visually it is open space. Please see the provided video for evidence: https://imgur.com/a/rTLzqhh Bullets don't travel through the area either. I found this out during a fire fight where the other person and I shots 30 rounds at each other at close range, and neither of us were hit at all.