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  1. Yeah , thank you addWeaponCrago works ver well. thank you very much.
  2. It worked for me as soon as I pointed my cursor on a vehicle. I guess there is something wrong with the crate I was working with. thank you very much. Regards.
  3. thank you killzone_kid for the feedback , I have checked the addWeaponCargo in the wiki before coming here , unfortunately it doesn't help me , caoz The syntax is correct yet it doesn't work regards.
  4. Hello everyone , I am trying to spawn a gun inside a crate I am pointing at with this using the console command: cursorObject addWeaponCargo ["rhs_weap_m107_leu",3]; I exec it locally and it doesn't work. PS: I am running a dedicated server with me as an admin. Regards.
  5. Wait! There is a breaching system!? How does it work? Please tell me! I have been faced with locked doors and I knew it was MCC locking them. But didn't know they could be breached.
  6. hello friends, Let's say , I made a zone and populated it and got so laggy it broke my mission. How do I delete the zone and everything in it? Thank you.
  7. thank you for an amazing mod. Arma 4 is going to fail miserably if it doesn't steal your Ideas! HAHAHAHA
  8. Hello everyone, This is just a little bump for my question. Can you please also explain to me how the occupy zone actually work. I am very interested in your mod and I think it is by far the best think for dynamic experiences lover like me. Thank you.
  9. Hello everyone. Forgive my stupid question. I am kind of new to MCC. Can MCC create units randomly in a zone and keep it covered by creating automatically more units to push players out? Can it keep a zone sustained even after it looses all units within. I Know that Gaia can move units from other zones to reinforce. But can it recruit AI. Br.
  10. Hello brothers, Please tell me, does ALIVE not work with SP save. I can't save my game in SP? BR.
  11. When u say that I should save to database and talk about persistance. U mainly mean for multiplayer. Since I am in SP. I don't need to save to database. so basically if I understood. The commander if present will try to recapture the town. Thats fine by me. Since I am oly going to do a hit and run guerilla scenario. But does your answer mean that If I keep killong the baddies they will get wiped out? Thank you for ur answer.
  12. A little bump in case u didn't see my request. Thank you.
  13. Dear All, (Single player action in mind) I have a question please. Let's say I have placed all the modules needed to populate the CIV and military installations on a already existing mission. to give it more life. No OPFOR Commander is configured only AI placed and paroling. If I go in with my AI and clear a town from it's generated enemies placed by CQB and Mill-Placement. does the enemy respawn or can I consider the town to be completely cleared. please excuse me if I am asking a stupid question. BR.
  14. undecieved07

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    What he said. Is there is table clicks vs distance we can refer to?
  15. Hello guys, Do you know of any single player mission using your mod? BR.