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  1. SalvaPL

    daveygarys Rangers ArmA 3 update

    Very nice work with this Garmin GPS but it's waay too big :D
  2. SalvaPL

    SOCMOD Release Thread

    Well - to be correct - I must write "What a fucking epic mod"? Can't write what in my opinion is just wrong? He? Look up, member of community... Yup, cause they made this model with 3D scanner. Ok Mr AL.
  3. SalvaPL

    SOCMOD Release Thread

    I see only ass licking here. Well guys, good job but water protection on legs looks like condoms. Should be like this: http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130718222242/battlefield/images/6/62/Battlefield_4_Pac_Model_Screenshot.jpg Second, legs on uniform with kneepads - are little too thick. Third, helmet - ARC Rail Adapters are in "air". I understand, you doing mod for free and TacticalBeard bless you for this. This is what I noticed.
  4. SalvaPL

    SOCMOD Release Thread

    Wow, didn't expect that. Many kinds of uniforms and helmets. Thanks guys! http://i.imgur.com/7J2jNP6.jpg (175 kB) This FROG is just epic.
  5. Your link, cause now I see black and tan texture on nvg, earlier was only tan.
  6. http://i.imgur.com/aR1MfpA.jpg (282 kB) Still white stripes and this battery... dunno how make it good with caps and helmets, heh. There should be more options: For helmets - battery on back of this helmet. For caps, battery attached to nvg stripes.