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  1. Is there anything I can build at my base to respawn there, or must I or an ally always have a defib?
  2. So a tent will save my items, but is there a way to respawn at a base of mine?
  3. Hi guys, I'd like to make a defense mission in Lindhaven, where the AI attacks the central peninsula via the connecting land and the various bridges leading to it. However the I cannot make the AI cross the bridges, nor will they near the edges of ground near the waterways. is there any way to make them move across the bridges? Thanks, Zippy
  4. zippy3251

    Saving terrain height edits?

    I'm feeling pretty dumb here, but I can't seem to find the 'rebuild terrain' option. i understand that I'll eventually keep messing myself up if I use this, but as of now it would still be handy. I'm sick of manually recreating my terrain mapframe.
  5. zippy3251

    Saving terrain height edits?

    Ermagherd I didn't even know there was a rebuild terrain button, let alone not having to use it.. Durrrr. I've been deleting the terrain mapframe, having Tb crash a couple times, and then making a new mapframe and re-scaling and smoothing the whole map. Friiiiiiiick This will save me so much time. Thanks guys!
  6. Hi guys, Is it possible to save terrain edits made in bulldozer onto my terrain height map png file or in some other way, so I don't lose my little edits? Whenever I remove the terrain mapframe and recreate it to reflect texture changes, the terrain height is reset to what it pulls from my height map png. I'm sorry if I'm using the wrong terminology here. Thanks!
  7. zippy3251

    How to make 700x700 m map?

    I'm starting with a teeny tiny map that's a total of 700 square meters. Sorry to be confusing, I'm still catching on to the vernacular regarding terrain sizing in TB. @londo19 I ended up doing something similar (see spoiler below), except this map can't really be an island. I made the total image 1024 but resized the part I care about to be 700 x 700. I'll throw some forests in the background. Ahhh thank you @richie! I would use 512 x 512 images in TB then?
  8. zippy3251

    How to make 700x700 m map?

    I do want a square terrain, but I wish it to be roughly 700^2 meters instead of the usual 512x512 or 1024x1024.
  9. Hi guys, In my endeavor to recreate the Carentan map from COH, I need to scale my terrain properly. I've been only using a terrain that is 1024x1024 m or 512x512, but the size I really need is about 700x700 m. In TB when I create the terrain mapframe, I just go for a 1:1 scale between the size of my sat, terrain, and mask images so I don't botch anything up. Sadly a 1024 terrain is too large, and the 512 is too small. How can I set the sampler settings in the mapframe properties window to allow me a terrain thats not 2^x meters per side? Thanks!
  10. zippy3251

    Mask image causing texture blending

    The map itself is only about 500 m^2, I'm only using the sat mask for a rough placement of roads and buildings. My plan is to change the detail distance settings in the map config file so that the sat image won't show at all in game, as this is a tiny map. I actually scaled each image down to only 512x512 so my map will be the proper size. I started my terrain adventure by making a map of my college and the surrounding area using 16k images, but the loading times were intense so I decided to start smaller. I have not been changing the image back, why is that necessary? Thanks for your help!
  11. zippy3251

    Mask image causing texture blending

    Yes, everything is 1024 px. It likes to add the seabed texture between other layers, so for the time being I just turned off the entire seabed layer and am pretending everything's ok. I could leave it like this, players shouldn't reeeeally be going in the water in this map anyways. I'm recreating the Carentan map from COH :D.
  12. @bushlurker I have a similar issue, except as far as I can tell, I have an instant color change in my mask image. I use gimp in indexed more and have used the select by color tool to ensure I have only the colors I want in my mask. I don't understand what is going wrong. The spoiler below contains images of my problem. Thanks!
  13. Did you find a fix for this, @7Y-Loki? I have the same issue with my map. i am using the indexed mode and as far as I can tell I have an immediate color transition. My photos are in the spoiler below. I realize your mask is blurred, but I'm guessing you've run into the same issue I've been having even with no blur on the mask.
  14. Hi guys- My mask image is causing other ground textures to show on the transition between two colors. I am using gimp in the indexed mode. The color transitions on the mask image are immediate, so there are no intermediately colored pixels that TB can interpret incorrectly. Does anybody have ideas or experience regarding this issue? The terrain, mask image, and layers file are shown in spoilers below. Thanks!
  15. zippy3251

    Mp -[Fockers] Most Wanted co-op

    I just found your scripting tutorials, Mikie, and would love to be able to mes with this mission in the A3 environment. Is there a way for me to port this to Arma 3? It looks like arma 3's CBA would need to e implemented somehow.