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  1. It seems that whenever I stand still in the game, the ambient noise cuts in and out randomly, sometimes staying off for 30 seconds or more. When I start moving again, everything is fine. Seems to be only when I stand still, and only ambient sounds like the crickets and the wind. It happens in any game mode, and speaker/driver configuration. Anyone had this issue before and knows how to fix it? Also, I have the sound sources setting in-game maxed out.
  2. Hey soldiers. I'm looking for a clan or group to play with. 18 years old to be a member is a must, 21 or older is better. I'm 28, and I'd prefer to play with a mature group. I'm former USAF and familiar with ranks, tactics, language and so forth. I play coop and epoch a lot. If you're a competitive group, I am regularly available to do official matches. I have plenty of experience running, and being a member of quite a few clans in the past. If you have any questions or an invite, shoot me a pm.
  3. Is there a DayZ mod for Arma 3? I've done some googling and it's kind of confusing. Also, I've found different mods kind of like DayZ, but there's different mods on different sites. I haven't found a site yet that has all the mods in one place, and that worries me, as one site may have a mod that's out of date, or not being updated on that site anymore. I've tried Epoch mod, and I like it, but it's no zombie apocalypse, just has that annoying hooded thing following you around everywhere. I love Arma 3 with a passion, but it can get confusing at times.
  4. DustinC86

    DayZ for Arma 3?

    Thank you very much for the links! Sorry for posting in the wrong spot. I'd give you rep or +1 if I could.
  5. As the title says, Once the game is fully loaded, the screen goes white and stays that way. I would bring this problem straight to the Epoch website, but I still haven't been granted posting rights there, after 5 days of waiting. I have already verified game cache, uninstallled/reinstallled the game and all mods. What might be causing this, any suggestions?
  6. still having the issue myself
  7. Damn it. Now I've gotten rid of my @curator folder... how do i get that back? Also, THANK YOU, mad dog.
  8. Sorry. So far, i've verified game cache, uninstalled, reinstalled the game and the epoch mod. Still getting the white screen only on epoch servers. Can't post on epoch forum... help...
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    Epoch Mod

    Anyone know why I might be getting this white screen? Every game mode besides epoch works just fine. I've even reinstalled the mod, ran JUST epoch... nothing works, white screen every time.
  10. DustinC86

    Epoch Mod

    I'm having a problem. Every time I try to join an Epoch server, it loads all the way up, and I pick my slot, then it goes to put me in the game, and I get stuck at a white screen. What's wrong?
  11. I apologize for posting here, but I cannot yet make a new thread of my own, but your title is broad enough to put my problem here. I can't start any epochmod servers. When I try to join one, it loads up just fine to the slot select screen. After choosing a slot, it loads me into the game, but as soon as it does, I get a white screen, and it just stays there.