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  1. All working now :) thanks for the help
  2. Thanks infiSTAR, didn't think you'd end up responding hehe! I'll try it later today :)
  3. Not sure why it isn't working. There are no errors, I'm just assuming it is failing to send it to anyone? I've tried using 0 at the end for targeting everyone but nothing happens.
  4. Hi guys, thanks for the replies. Tried both of those, there are no error messages but there is no message displayed Edit: I should probably add I am doing this for a custom command in infiSTAR so formatting is a bit weird, I need to use ' instead of " because the code is contained already in code = " code; goes; here; ";
  5. Hi, I'm using remoteExec [cutText[_msg,'BLACK FADED'],_clientID]; but when I try to run it, it says |#|remoteExec [cutText[_msg,'BLACK FADED'],_clientID]; Error Type Any, expected String any ideas? It still runs fine, just I still get the error because cutText[_msg,'BLACK FADED'] is classed as Any instead of a String.
  6. Hey guys! :) Just part way through the Co-op campaign and I'm loving it! Just wondering if there is going to be any more official coop missions in the future?
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