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    Zeus and starting spawns

    no no, you misunderstand. ive ALREADY got a zues mission set up, what im asking is how to emulate the part of the the BI mission where the players do not spawn until zeus has said a spawn point. Currently either they have a starting location, or i set them to spawn on game start and then zues respawns too.
  2. So i have made my own zeus mission, simular to the BI one but with some pieces preplaced and the circle that prevents placement removed from players. What i cannot figure out is how to have a start like the Master of Altis mission, where the zeus gets time before the players spawn and then can place a spawn point. Any ideas?
  3. One friendly bump to avoid posting a new thread. How do i tell the game that a respawning unit is a medic or an engineer etc
  4. Well im not sure if bomb / mine actually matters, ive been using the IED or explosive charge and setting it with a trigger for a much larger explosion, as to bring buildings down. That idea of leaving something nearby and destroyable is a good diea, i could even do it with the buildings that would of been destroyed. Only issue then being, how do i tell the mission that all the bombs where disarmed so mission end? Possible to have a trigger that cuases end when they are all !alive but then checks to see how many buildings are left and then give correct ending? a lose for all destroyed a minor win for 2 - 3 still standing and a full victory for them all standing. Is that possible or am i just getting too far ahead of myself now?
  5. bugger. ty for reply this ended up being alot more complex then i first hoped. Another issue i have is that i have an engineer, to difuse the bomb. but after respawning, that character is no longer a engineer, any way to fix that?
  6. Hey i am trying to make a mission where a SWAT team has to defuse bombs. Problem i have is scripts such as !alive or seeing if bomb is around at the end doesnt care if bomb exploded or was defused,. gone is gone. Is there a way I can make triggers that know the difference?