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  1. Ohh thanks i'll try that ^^ Edit: It's working great thanks ;) I used "B_T_VTOL_01_infantry_F" and i think its more accurate for the fn_HALO.sqf :p
  2. Hi :) and thanks again for that wonderfull script ;) My question is quite simple : when that script is called "fn_HALO.sqf" ; is there a way to the replace the "B_Plane_CAS_01_F" in the "class groupRandomCompilations" with anything like the C130J or a helicopter ? I tried different way but when i replace that value on that script and in the config.hpp, the script won't be called any longer :/
  3. f3ckb9ll

    ARMA 3 - official mod, ADR-97 weapon pack

    That's a nice weapon ... I just love it <3
  4. roll back to 2.1 .. ? :p
  5. yay :D cant wait for teh 2.0 :D thanks again for that great job laxeman ;)
  6. thanks for that great update :)
  7. Thanks Solano for that great mod, one of teh best in my mods collection on arma3 , i just can't play without it now :D Thanks again for that great work ;)
  8. f3ckb9ll

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    yup issue was fixed for me , asa i've re'installed bc ;)
  9. f3ckb9ll

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    One of the best mod ever made on arma3 , can't play without it, when you tasted it :p
  10. f3ckb9ll

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Hi guys :) sum bugs i've found ... With Blastcore ==> Without Blastcore ==> If any1 know how to fix that, if it's possible :p
  11. Ohhh jeez :) sweet ^^ luv you MrEwok ^^
  12. OMG a dream come true :) Thanks for all the great work :)
  13. I tried the mod, and only word that came out from my mouth was : " WoW " For a v0.0.1 work is awesome ; i just can't think what will the rest can be , but i sure it will be great ^^ Keep up the good work ;) and thank you so much :)