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  1. danjuan

    1.68 with lower FPS

    this ^^^ i opened NVIDIA control panel and created a new profile in the "manage 3d settings" tab for ARMA3_X64.exe. i had to locate the exe within the profile but once done all sorted and better than the old 32bit
  2. danjuan

    1.68 with lower FPS

    with 32 bit i get 50-80fps depending on what mods i use now with 64 bit i get 15-22fps without runnung any mods, even after reinstalling arma from fresh with steam run in admin mode as suggested by BI i have i7 4910 2.90ghz nvidia gtx 880m 8gig 16gig ram
  3. had the same problem the cause was turning up the making items larger or smaller page in the resolution page of right click desktop menu of windows 7