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  1. Hey guys, someone in my community keeps getting random PBO errors. One was a oldman.pbo, the other was this one in the picture. He is able to join our server and was in the game moving around, loading a loadout, etc. Randomly it would then kick him out for a pbo. Any ideas? https://gyazo.com/78a8dac0bdb1f31d87f65e4954a79071
  2. Squad name: 5th Ranger Regiment Timezone/location: EST/US Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): COOP Contact email: ryanbates0408@gmail.com Website address: http://5thrangerregiment.weebly.com/ Short description: Organized milsim with around 10-20 active members. We simulate real life Army Rangers and strive to be the best. Language: English