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  1. No idea what that means. Im sorry. I know to use Onplayerdisconnected but not in that way. It's more advanced than what i know
  2. Anyone know how to save some variable for a specific player before logging out from a multiplayer mission and load the same when connecting again?. The same variables assigned for a specific player. It could be something like this?: Variable1 = player setVariable ["Car",1,false]; Variable1 setVariable ["ownerUid", getPlayerUID player, True]; PublicVariableServer "Variable1"; It'd be nice if the variable1 is different for a player than other. So Variable1 [Car] is "1" for player1 ,but it's "0" for player2, and so. Any idea to load those stats like an inventory in DayZ but in Arma 2 using variables?. Thanks!
  3. OK i know now. The PublicVariable calls for the EH only for Clients, not for caller. The caller just begin the process and starts the effect written in the original .sqf using this part to show: This part: ------------------------------- _lplayer lightAttachObject [_target,[0,0,1.2]]; _lplayer setLightBrightness 0.06; _lplayer setLightAmbient [0.2,0.4,0.2]; _lplayer setLightColor [2,2,2]; ------------------------------- So the Caller needs this part to get the effects shown on his computer. Am i right?
  4. I think it's not my question. Putting that EH Variable in the init.sqf makes everybody to have the call for that EH. It's ok. But is this part needed to get the script to work successfully, the caller and the client light effect?: _target = cursorTarget; _tposition = getPos _target; _lplayer = "#lightpoint" createVehicle _tposition; This part: ------------------------------- _lplayer lightAttachObject [_target,[0,0,1.2]]; _lplayer setLightBrightness 0.06; _lplayer setLightAmbient [0.2,0.4,0.2]; _lplayer setLightColor [2,2,2]; ------------------------------- lightEffects = [_lplayer, 0.06, [0.2,0.4,0.2], [2,2,2]]; // <--- The order of lightEffects must be [light, brightness, ambient, color] publicVariable "lightEffects"; sleep 12; deleteVehicle _lplayer; because the Caller also has the EH Variable in his init.sqf and it's called from: lightEffects = [_lplayer, 0.06, [0.2,0.4,0.2], [2,2,2]]; // <--- The order of lightEffects must be [light, brightness, ambient, color] publicVariable "lightEffects"; so is still needed or will he get both effects working at the same time: "caller script light" and "EH light"??. I don't understand that. It's a bit difficult.
  5. Evry client must run the EH in the init.sqf. I know but Does the script starter need to do aswell?. Does he need this part... _lplayer lightAttachObject [_target,[0,0,1.2]]; _lplayer setLightBrightness 0.06; _lplayer setLightAmbient [0.2,0.4,0.2]; _lplayer setLightColor [2,2,2]; ... if he is running the EH aswell?. Maybe i didn't see the light effect because i skipped that part of the script. if he is running
  6. You're confused. This is for Arma 3 not for Arma 2 / OA
  7. Control + Space keys for High Commander Options. And hit [.] for Cammand View. And inside a script...? : WaitUntil{!isNull player}; waituntil {alive player}; sleep 0.2; _player = _this select 0; // player Or Name. createcenter sidelogic; _group = creategroup sidelogic; Commander = _group createunit ["HighCommand",position _player,[],0,"none"]; Sub = _group createunit ["HighCommandSubordinate",position _player,[],0,"none"]; Sub synchronizeObjectsAdd [Commander]; Commander synchronizeObjectsAdd [_player]; HCShowBar true; // Show High Commander Action Bar since the begining.
  8. Yes. CreateVehicle is Global. But i don't know if can work. I'll test and i'll let you know if works. Thanks man.
  9. Thanks anyway, mate. Anyone else?. I need your help to make a lightpoint global.
  10. That's for Arma 3. Yes and I tried MP Framework using : [nil,nil,"per",rExecvm,"Lights.sqf"] call RE; ....being Lights.sqf the script told before. But it didn't work. I changed these two "nil" to "_this select 0 or 1 (trying the cursorTarget to work) but nothing. :(