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  1. Sorry, it's a bit hard to understand what you mean, no offence. Items goes to 100% you mean like ammo in the weapons and so on? The project is open source so if you want to contribute feel free - its on Github. I do not have any intention of making it compatible with 3rd party anti cheat or like, since its something which people can add in themselves. You have to remember this is a framework, really just to kick start other peoples mods or game modes, some hacking/tweaking would be required in the end. That said, again, if you have a solution to this, and want to contribute then by all means do so via github. Appreciate the feedback!
  2. Vehicle storage is coming at some point :). Vehicle locking and unlocking (and lockpicking) is in the notes as well. Items do save already, or do I misunderstand your request? Status bar is kinda already there, in the right side, its not priority to change this - but thanks for the feedback.
  3. Version 0.6.0 released, this is a big update. Special thanks to @Hallreaver for helping me test this framework throughout its development!. Features/Changes: Updated configs to include all (hopefully) new vehicle, items and weapons from APEX. Updated price list, now include all (hopefully) items and vehicles from APEX. Updated clothing shops, so they only sell items for the faction of the player (Config updated). Updated the unconscious system, removing animations and relying more on ARMA 3 official methods. Updated the (long overdue) mission briefing. Updated the github url in all files. Updated all loot scripts. Updated vehicle sell distance from 10 to 25m. Added location saving and spawning. You can now choose players to spawn where the logged out (Config, DB and ExtDB ini - updated). Added magazine repacking (see player menu). Added "<player> was injured by <player>" when becoming unconscious. Added option to enable/disable the abillity to get executed while unconscious. Added blur effect to players who are unconcious. Added black out when killed. Added timed EXP rewards (EXP granting scipt updated, Config updated). Added "reward" sound, used for timed rewards. Added a Zeus menu detection (client side), with server logging. Added a few extra items from APEX to the configs. Changed the air drop smoke duration from 10 to 5 minutes. Changed the UI update interval from 0.25 sec to 1 second. Removed obsolete code from several files. Bugfixes: Fixed various debug logging in files so they only log when debug mode is on. Fixed desk and nato crate not getting removed from unavailable shops. Fixed cloths menu prices being cut off. Fixed bug in playerUnconscious script, potentially breaking the script. Fixed an issue in dbCalls returning data without needing to. Fixed some event handlers not getting removed from corpses. Fixed setting placeables, loot crates, vehicles etc to 0 in the config, will now properly skip it during server initialisation. Fixed "LineMarker" errors. Fixed relogging while unconsious would save your gear. Fixed issue where you would never die form grenades. Fixed bug where player would not eject from vehicle when unconsious. Fixed goggles not saving with gear. Fixed secondary weapon adding a rangefinder on certain occations. Fixed rangefinder not equipping on character load.
  4. Sure, I will make some more calls available to play with :). 0.6.0 is just around the corner, will look into it once it is released.
  5. It needs the server-side code to work, the database is for saving and loading player data. The save and loading is not strictly required, it can be removed if you want to.
  6. The ability to set spawning on things to 0 to skip will be in the next update, to be released within the next 24 hrs. The medical system is coded from the ground up by myself, I was not aware of a revive system already in ARMA when I made it (might not have been there?). I would like to polish this system a lot more, might look into what is already in the game and see if that can be adapted. I like the idea of turning it into placeable modules, will be happy to look into that in the future! Thanks, much appreciated! :) EDIT: Seems like I only updated one of the PDOs, 0.6.0 is right around the corner, will update it all then. If you cannot wait, just compile the pdo's yourself and you are good to go.
  7. Odd? I tested it locally and it works just fine. Maybe I forgot to recompile the code for the release. Will investigate EDIT: Looks like that was the problem! I did forget to include the new compiled pdo files. Thanks for catching that! EDIT: Updated the release files, thanks again cdn_biggdogg
  8. Version 0.5.2 released. Features/Changes: * Added Water vehicle shops (new configuration options). * Updated drop zone layout on Tanoa (config updated). * Updated ExtDB2 to extDB3-1010 (new ExtDB ini files). Bugfixes: * Fixed map not completing the load when building loot is set to 0. * Fixed vehicles shop dialog not showing. * Fixed shops not removing the cash desk and NATO box. * Fixed attachements not spawning in world loot.
  9. I was looking to upgrade, but was pending updates from torndeco. I will update it with next release :) Thanks for the reminder!
  10. Version 0.5.1 released Altis map now fully up to date and other misc. fixes. See changelog for details.
  11. Ah is this on Altis? If it is, in the server config file, set "purchase_to_inventory" to true and give it another go.
  12. Legend! No pressure though :)
  13. Version 0.5.0 released. Tanoa map now included - see changelog for all the changes.
  14. Want to upgrade my framework from extDB2, any compatibility issues or changes I need to be aware of? (or would you advice sticking with v2 for a bit still?) As always, thanks for taking time to maintain this!
  15. SirMrE

    Cannot Loot Box

    The map I am using right now is Tanoa. Hmm no I have not, I will give it a try tomorrow. I really appreciate the help man :) EDIT: I have a theory of what it is, will run some tests and get back EDIT: OK I am pretty sure I found the problem. Looks like, despite having removed the code from the init of the crates, the custom attributes data for the crates where still in the map file. Removing made me able to loot them! Now I just need the implement the rest of the script, but I feel pretty confident its doable now. Once again, much appreciated for helping out!