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  1. Awesome that you are still working on the mod, I'm looking forward to the release
  2. I agree with you, Im not modding on my own really so i dont know exactly how hard it is but i bet its pretty tough. I can really understand that they have things to do in RL or just want to take a break from modding. I think they did a great job so far and i really hope they will continue their work someday. If they would give the option to actually donate to them i would be one of the first to do so. There are indeed lots of people who like the mod but they are getting less because at the moment there is no progress and new modders+players are mostly in ArmA3 now because ArmA2 is getting "old". P.S. Sorry for any mistakes i'm not the best in english ^^
  3. So any new updates on 2.7? It seems it got a bit quiet about the mod :confused: