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  1. Ok thanks for that, if I get stuck I will PM U. Cheers
  2. Gday, I got to say this is the most fun I have had in ARMA for months now. Great mission really really well done. I have a question is it possible to do a non ACE version. I am playing with some guys whom have only just bought the game and I feel that ACE is just not for them right now. Also I am not a fan of the medical side of things with ACE :) We would be playing on Private server and would not be open to the public if that makes a difference. Or is it something I can do, remove all the ACE stuff and not break it completely? lolol Cheers Ben
  3. Had fun with this in A2 and going to love this even more in A3. Complimenti
  4. TOG|BadBenny

    [WIP] Terrain Diyala province Iraq

    This Map is fast becoming my Favorite map, Well done keep up the great work
  5. TOG|BadBenny

    Arma 3 mid-game crash errors

    I started getting the same error as OP after last A3 update. Usually happens when playing Epoch or the such opening gun case or cabinet etc etc. Also has happened on KOH and plain old nila. So is not related to mods. I also checked ram etc etc and system is running as it should. So hate to say this I am positive it has to do with last update.
  6. Can't wait too open up on these mofo's if u now what I talking about :)