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  1. 13th Airborne division The 13th Airborne Division is looking for new members! We are a reactivated unit that used Invasion 1944, but now switched over to ACE, but we lost a lot of members because of that, because we disbanded many months ago, somewhere in Januari. What we offer *Fun missions and RP related Campaigns with full written storylines and multiple ways of completion. *Useful information about military tactics *A nice, friendly, and quite small community *Just a fun experience overall Who we are looking for *People that like to simulate war in form of a Milsim *People that will attend as much events as they can *People that are friendly, trustworthy, and fun to work with Applicants must be/be in possesion of: *Arma 2 & Operation Arrowhead *A Working microphone *15 years of age (No exceptions) *Teamspeak 3 (Free to download) *Time & Dedication to attend at least two/three hours on saturday: 8pm CET - 10pm CET People willing to be NCO's/Co's must: *Have knowledge about Arma 2, ACE, and ACRE *Be 18 years of age, and mature enough *Be available at all times possible *Must have had experience in previous Arma 2 units That's about it. If you want to join, just simply get on our website at: 13airborne.enjin.com, make an account and click the ''recruitment'' tab. You will have to fill in a few simple questions. And we will either accept you or not. (You'll be able to join if you meet all the expectations) People willing to be officers, please add me on steam after applying to our unit. My current name is KamilO /Salute, 1st Leutenant James Miller - Commander of the 13th Airborne Division.