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  1. Does anyone have a working example? I have tried everything and can't get this to work. I have a model with a memory point called "light_1" and I need to be able to animate it via useraction. I just need to be able to turn it off and on. Can anyone give me a hand?
  2. Look into config files and find reference to a weapon that has zeroing, for instance the M24.
  3. After looking at the cfgMagazines config reference, it seems that hidden selections are not supported for magazines. I may be wrong and I hope I am. This is a bummer...Any further info would be helpful. Thanks in advance. -Z
  4. I'm not sure if i'm posting in the right place or not. I have read all of the forum posts regarding hidden selections and still can't get them to work. What I have done is found an existing model that is already textured. I opened the model in O2, made a selection and named it "label" and set its texture. I did this in all lods. I then went into uv editor and filtered to the texture that i'm using and changed the size of my uv to fit the texture. I also did this for all of my lods. Now my model.cfg looks like so... And this is my config. When I go into editor. I remove all items from my unit and give him only Bag_Base and Bag_1. Everything works great except, My model will not change textures. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance. -Z
  5. I need some help with a config.cpp file for a mod i'm planning on making. I'm wanting to make a mod that has 3 items in it. This is going to be for my Epoch server. I need one item that is used to craft another, then that item will be used in the epoch modular building system to place the last item. For instance find a stick on the ground, use the stick to make a spike trap kit, and then place the spike trap kit to make a spike trap. I hope that makes sense. All three items will be modeled and textured by me(i been working on these for awhile now). I'm not making sticks and traps though, that was just an example. Here is what I have so far for my config. I have looked and looked for a config tutorial that involves what I am trying to do and I haven't found one. So if this goes as expected I'll make one for everyone to go by. I'll even release example files. Thanks in advance. -Z