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  1. Longboat

    Drag Dead Body Script

    Clip to go with it
  2. Longboat

    Drag Dead Body Script

    Great job... just one bug i get when i release body on slope/hill he fly's up in the air and then sometimes after i move away i die.
  3. Longboat

    L85A2 Release

    @doom_sharpe .... Much thanks for the help, all working great ....... I can see why T-800A's patch was never going to fix it LOL
  4. Longboat

    L85A2 Release

    Can anyone else explain how i fix the sound issue please ?
  5. Longboat

    L85A2 Release

    @doom_sharpe .. do you mean T-800A's patch to fix the sound ? .. if so ,can you explain please how i apply this Thanks in advance
  6. Longboat

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    @TheConen ...as RabidStoat i've been trying for ages to update it...much appreciation to you thanks @Major_Shepard thanks ill try that for future reference
  7. Longboat

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    Can i ask how i make a ADDON file...or as it asks for a .lea addon I would like to update The NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons from 1.2 to 1.4 thanks
  8. Longboat

    L85A2 Release

    Hi, Any help please...i get no sound and a message pops up " no entry bin config.'bin\cfgweapons/koi_l85a2_base/single.standardsound" EDIT:- Sorry .. less haste i guess .....had googled and went through pages and didn't even see it
  9. Longboat

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    post # 360 by dauhaanh Maybe that's my problem .. I'm trying to copy loadouts from the "British _Speciai_Forces mod", But I can't get the L119A1 into my loadout as it isn't showing in the weapons menu in LEA. I have both the The NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons addon and the British _Speciai_Forces addon it shows the bagpacks,helmets etc from the one addon but not the L119A1 from the other addon. I added it manually like Sekh765 but doesnt show any thing if i have the addon filter to only NATO SF and Russian 1.4. Kind Regards
  10. The AI drivers in arma 2 were the same ,And that was never corrected after some years so lets hope something comes up for Arma 3
  11. Longboat

    [COOP-06] Assault on Zargabad

    Great mission Thankyou.
  12. Longboat

    Ai Heli Control

    @johnnygitarr Thanks for the reply. Been awhile since that was posted,Lets hope fredkatz hasn't put it on the back burner and forgot :).....Here's hoping its soon
  13. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=15898 Hi, Does anyone know if there are any plans for this to be updated to Arma 3 and released from Arma 2 ? Or is there something similar in Arma 3 ? Regards
  14. Longboat

    [Release] Bens Drag&Drop

    Why is it you have to be holding a Rifle to Drag/Move a item ? I've tried to drag a item with a handgun and also no gun in my hand...With the result of me just grabbing or dropping the item but not being able to Drag or Move the item ..?