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  1. I am enjoying your mission(s) immensely. But, I was getting annoyed at the fact I was only getting 1 cas per game. I'd rtb and find the cas bird was missing from it's assigned lz. So, I'd go back out on a mission ask for cas support and again the request icon was placed on the map but the bird never shows up. I'd tell the bird to rtb and the request icon would disappear then I'd see a little red dot NE of the airbase with the word "Cerberus" next to it. So, I started a new game to see what was going on. I'd send Cerberus off to a cas mission to the fob with the grass airfield then I'd get in the little bird and follow it to the same location. Then I would get out and let the little bird go home, after a few minutes, I'd send Cerberus home. Then I'd request a rtb pickup, upon arriving, I saw that Cerberus was hovering 395 meters NE of the airfield and in Cerberus's lz was the ghost hawk that was parked in front of the hanger before I left. So, I moved the ghost hawk and told Cerberus to rtb and it did without hesitation. I started another game and did the same thing again, only this time, I remained to see if the ghost hawk would teleport or fly to Cerberus's lz, It didn't, of course, but Cerberus returned to the same exact spot and height and sat there till I gave it another rtb order and it landed without incident. It looks like Cerberus needs to be told twice to rtb otherwise it hovers in that spot until it runs out of fuel and crashes (never seen any wreckage in the area where it hovers but I never went over the spot thoroughly either) or just plain disappears.
  2. I voted for the AI bugs. However, what really gets my goat is the fact that this game has been designed right out of the box against you having any type of fair play or advantage against the enemy AI. I base this conclusion from my experiences playing in a single player, dynamic mission/campaign, sandbox environment. My observations, so far, are as such: Enemy AI never suffer from fatigue, suppression or aiming sway. I've seen them run full bore up a huge hillside and over the top without any speed degradation. I've seen them get hit and then shoot me dead the next instant, yet, if a bullet hits near me my scope sight picture is swaying all over the place and my breathing goes up and I start shaking . Enemy AI vehicles are always about 10 km faster than what I use (PC attack boat I get 64 kph, AI using the same type of attack boat 74 kph). No matter where you lay on the ground there will never be a clear shot to the enemy, there will always be an obstruction such as but not limited to; rocks, blades of grass, rock walls, trees, bushes and the ever annoying scope glare even when there is no light source behind you, oh, and lest we not forget those olive tree leafs and pine needles that shatter bullets and shield the enemy AI behind them . When driving a tank with a full AI crew and you get fired upon from troops using small arms and/or grenade launchers, 90% of the time I'm wounded and most often it's seriously enough where I must stop, get out, and get healed to stop the blurred vision. Yet, not even one of my squad-mates ever gets hit. Now, on the other hand, lambaste an Mrap with 40mm grenades from a Hunter (face to face) 99% of the time you get wasted and they, the enemy crew, never needs a Band-Aid. When driving armor I feel like I'm participating in a tractor pull, yet, the T-100 seems to glide over the terrain with slight speed decreases in changes of movement When seeing an enemy chopper heading your way to drop off paratroopers to intercept you, you'll never get a missile lock on the bird until after they all get out; then, maybe, you'll get off 3 shots and again, maybe, they'll get hit and, if so, they'll slowly auto-rotate to the ground and survive. Yet, my birds drop flares like it's the fourth of July, 99% of the time the missiles never get fooled nor stray away. My pilots think auto-rotation is when a car hits an ice patch at 90 mph. Have you ever seen an enemy vehicle drive into a house and back up and hit it again and again and again, or, ever see an Mrap stuck on a rock wall, just sitting there with the crew inside? Me either. I sometimes wonder if the enemy AI call out "unknown target at 2 clicks to their six" to have everybody pinwheel to that direction. Especially, when the squad leader had just informed them "I have an enemy soldier with a flamethrower at 1 o'clock, just under 100 meters". It just seems to me that if these were all bugs then both sides of the battlefield would have the same infestation as my controlled AI side. If you want to make it tougher for the common player who may at a different time want to immerse him/herself in a realistic, hormonally, uncontrolled, fight or flight experience then incorporate them into different user selected game settings.
  3. After killing "Fox Crow" and speaking with new leader he gives me his mortar crew to use but every time I ask for its support I always get an out of firing range message. Where on the map is the mortar crew located?
  4. I've noticed since the last update, In the intro video, the "Cantine man" (flat tire guy) has lost his voice (along with the other in-game NPC civilians you can speak to for tasks) also, after the last skirmish screen where you normally transition into the Map/Briefing screen (where I go in and get rid of my teams unnecessary gear) it just goes to a dark screen and the only way to progress is to hit escape and select the "skip" option which then takes you into the mission setup screen, skipping the briefing/Map screen altogether. I haven't seen any mention of this in here since the last update so I'm wondering if its me or you.
  5. Yesterday, while reloading a saved game (after my squaddie got killed) the game froze so I rebooted and reloaded the saved mission. I noticed that even though the fatigue selection was still disabled it actually wasn't so I enabled it and then re-disabled it and everything was ok. However, the annoying smog/fog was re-enabled. I looked in the selection box (Shift+1) and there isn't any choice to turn it on or off but, while playing the saved game anyway, I saw a hint message appear saying I could turn off the smog/fog in the Shift+1 box. Ok, I give up, where the heck is it?
  6. I found this "Smarter tanks script" (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?182368-Smarter-tanks-script) and I was wondering if this is something I can install into the mission folder and use as is or is there something I/you have to edit for this to be recognized by the game. I'm not clear on how these things work and if it's something you have to code into the game then I don't want to interrupt your busy game schedule for a script that I'm not sure will even work in this arena. I was just wondering if this was something I could install client-side and use on the fly.
  7. While trying to find out which mod I'm using that might be conflicting with an issue I'm experiencing (rapid body decay) I went back and loaded each and every version from 1.99663 to the current to see when my problem began to rear it's ugly head. I noticed in the introduction scenes (beginning with version 1.99672) where the 2 soldiers hear the box van coming down the road there are a flock of birds in and alongside the road. Now, up to this version the birds always got up and flew away, currently, they just lay there flapping their wings as if someone super-glued their bodies to the ground.
  8. I've had the problem with boat missions and vehicle's going into the water too so, whenever I land on the beach I run as fast as I can inland before the cut screen as the parachuted vehicles enter the game in proximity to me. If I get the chance to see some smoke in the area I try to check the wind direction as that also affects where they drop too. So many times I've watched my M24 slammer hit the drink, at least the Marshall floats and you can salvage that, but the worse thing is when your supply drops go in the drink, just offshore, and you can reach them w/o swimming but you drown while kneeling to open them.
  9. I'm still using the same mods prior to the new insertion update and I was finding bodies from skirmishes between HC units and enemy ai that had happened 1 km or more from me now I can't get near one in time to shift - Y it and I can see then go poof about 1 sec after hitting the ground. I will go in game naked to see if one of my mods was updated since the insertion update (can't remember any except tpw_mods and I'm using just the default Hud and skirmish modules) and is causing the problem, just to be sure. I was just feeling around to see if anybody else was experiencing the same phenomena I was. I will be back to let you know.
  10. Since the new insertion update, dead bodies are disappearing as they hit the ground. I also notice that when I get the first (free) gear drop the map records where they are but if I get interrupted on the way the map recorded locations disappear and I think the boxes are disappearing too like the bodies. I know that happens when you save the game, quit, and resume at a later time but this is happening right after all the above mentioned items hit the ground, at least for me anyways.
  11. I have just completed an extensive test of all my non CBA mods (@bcombat;@a3_freeaim_fix;@khlowgrass;@nw_ball;@noidle;@soak) and they work well together, and "Northgate" performs excellently. Also, all enemy bodies stay right where I plugged them, no more vanishing acts. Now I'm off to test just the CBA dependent mods where I fear therein lies the problem.
  12. In regards to my last post on "Northgate's" diminished use of AT attacks on armor. It appears to be mod related not the virtual sandbox we are playing in. Taking my own advise and loading 1 mod at a time it's safe to say that with just your mod he's a tank killing machine. I noticed that when he is given an attack order followed up by an engage order he equips his launcher and slow crouches his way to a firing solution. When using my current mod load-out and the same set of orders he never equips his launcher and he slow crouches to the target with rifle at the ready and gets mowed down. Trying to find the culprit involved here is going to be a painstaking process, each load-out I try requires me to find armored targets w/o being seen or attacked by other elements. At the moment "bcombat" appears to be safe but I'm not ready yet to give it a clean seal of approval. As "Northgate" flawlessly engaged and destroyed a AA ZSU but that was done under 100 meters . I didn't have time to test him out on far away targets. Will post more when/if I find the culprit
  13. After the story's introductory cinema, the briefing map screen appears, if you click on the team members load-outs they all have most of the necessary equipment for a recon/sabotage mission. I, usually, go in and remove the un-necessary gear like smoke grenades, glow sticks, sun glasses and the numerous first aid kits. Rhetorically speaking, why does the team medic have 11 of them when he doesn't use them? Then, I go and re-distribute the gear to those who need and have the newly created extra space for (plus it takes off some of the burden I'm carrying). Now, clicking continue and going into the "how do you want to play the game" screen, I set up my parameters and enter the game. When I hit the ground and run to cover, I check everyone's gear and lo and behold "Sgt. Hardy" and "Cpl. Wilson" have opted for something new and at times ridiculous. Now, when I start a new game, I strip both men of all their equipment, ammo, silencers, scopes and some explosives as space is now very limited, when I hit the ground I re-equip them as best as possible and that's where the spoils of war come in to play but their bodies quickly vanish when all is clear. Yesterday, after my post, I was in the game and ambushed an enemy patrol at 70 meters within 4 seconds the squad was kaput . I quickly sprinted to them, when I got there only 2 bodies remained. The dead markers are only visible to me when the HC and CSAT engage in the distance, the dead by me are not marked, however, if I head off about 500 meters or more from my kills then I can see the markers. Re: Blastcore, I had read some posts awhile ago that it possibly had some memory leakage problems removing it for me ended the Arma 3 screen of death. StLassen: The only way to know what's going on is to play the mission w/o mods just use the @saok and see if it works for you. Then I would start adding them back one at a time till I get the problem also, make sure that any mods you have that are related to "CBA" are added first in the command line starting with "CBA" itself see my earlier post and you'll see my mod command listed. You might want to go inside Arma's property tab and verify your game files, just right click on the Arma3 game inside steams library page to get to it. SaOK: Lately, I'm having a hard time getting "Northgate" to fire his launcher at any armor when I tell him to target what I see nothing happens except maybe shooting his rifle at it and getting us all killed. When I issue the engage command he runs up to it shooting his rifle. If I equip another team member all works great for a while but soon after they do the same as "Northgate". It seems to have started happening within the last 2 or 3 patches could this be related to the increased skill set if so what should I be looking for in skill numbers for my AT guys? Ch53dVet
  14. First, let me say, your creation here is the only reason I play Arma 3 so, thank you for all the time and effort you've put into this. Secondly, I'm not experiencing the crashes that others here are talking about and I too experiment with other mods as well but... I used to get them all the time until I got rid of using Blastcore everything would be fine for a few hours then bam crash city and all was lost. I also experienced the missing flag for the resistance leaders location after killing "Fox Crow" I solved that problem by erasing the keys that "CBA" left behind after upgrading itself, they never used the same key name for each upgrade after Arma's "boot-camp" patch and I didn't know I was using the 1.06 version key when loading the game through Pw6. For all who are interested with what I use here is my command line parameter's @cba_a3;@jsrs2;@tpw_mods;@realarmor;@a3_freeaim_fix;@khlowgrass;@nw_ball;@noidle;@saok;@bcombat, When using tpw_mods I turn off everything except for the HUD's tactical glasses and the skirmish mode everything else in there left on can really suck the life out of your system. I am also using the dev version 17(Beta) with Bcombat and so far I'm really impressed with it, the only thing you have to do is edit the config.sqf file and set the dev mode to false or you'll get the colored balls (resource hogs) on top of your units. This is what I'm using and it's playable but occasionally I do get some stuttering but it's very random and manageable with a quick save and restart. Now, I have some questions and suggestions, suggestions first; 1. Uniformity of equipment load-out before insertion, I enter in recon mode but what good is it when no one carry's silenced weapons or they have a mishmash of caliber ammo that even the gear drop crates don't carry, This one guy "Wilson" forgets his backpack on the chopper every time. 2. Do I really need a construction vehicle on insertion? it usually lands next to my squad hits a rock or tree then explodes and kills half of my squad or it sinks to the bottom of the ocean plus, those glow sticks and smoke attracts everything to me. 3. Cut screens (I know you're in process of addressing this) after releasing the resistance prisoner, I go to the cut screen and behind me I see my squaddies have taken my armored vehicle on a joy ride, they usually rundown half the resistance forces that have just occupied the base, a case of MRE's and some French nylons and all is forgiven. Ok, questions; 1. How do I get the enemy bodies to hang around so I can gather the spoils of war? after a firefight I'm lucky to find anything or anyone outside of a 100 meter killing ground, where and how do I edit this? 2.Is there anyway to save the spoils of war I've gathered (other than Shift+Y?) everything I put into vehicles is gone when I re-log back in and all those fak's and colored smoke I've gotten rid of are back also, if I put gear into the construction truck and wander away from it a 100 meters or so it's gone when I return to it. 3. When I disassemble a static weapon from an enemy or HC encampment and try to re-assemble it at my base it just vanishes, am I doing something wrong or is this a game bug? 4. Lastly, when my squaddies kill enemy's that were unknown to me I can see through the command menu the weapons on the ground and I can order them to go and pick it up but, I don't have a clue as to where they are around me, is there anyway to show on the map the nearby bodies like it does on the ones that are killed by the AI further away from me? and as before if I run to them they are gone on arrival. Sorry about the book I've written here. I really do appreciate all that you've done to make this game playable for me, you've gotten my vote. "Ch53dVet"