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  1. Thank you very much for the answers and the correction. Really helpful. I will dig a little more about this, but if anyone knows something else, I would really appreciate any help.
  2. Hello!! I did a mission with some animations created via remoteExec and others I removed the "PATH", all on a dedicated server. What I'm trying to do is when an AI gets shot or someone fires nearby, it exits the animation and engages the enemy. So, I tried this: if (side _x isEqualTo EAST) then { _x addMPEventHandler ["MPHit", { (_this select 0) enableAI "PATH"; [(_this select 0),""]remoteExec["switchmove"]; (_this select 0) setUnitPos "UP";}]; } forEach allUnits; if (side _x isEqualTo EAST) then { _x addEventHandler ["FiredNear", { (_this select 0) enableAI "PATH"; [(_this select 0),""]remoteExec["switchmove"]; (_this select 0) setUnitPos "UP";}]; } forEach allUnits; But no sucess... I don't know what I'm doing wrong or if I did something right at all. Please, help! Thanks in advance.
  3. Works perfectly !!! Thanks a lot, gc8. And thank you also, Maff! 👍
  4. Hello Guys, Here's the problem: Playing on a dedicated server, my team is small and uses UAV's for recon. What is happening is that when the member responsible for the UAV and who has the terminal connected to it is shot and dies, that UAV is stuck to that player and, even if he respawns, it is no longer possible to connect to that UAV. I would like a code that disconnects a dead player's terminal from an UAV. I tried this: while {true} do { {_x connectTerminalToUAV objNull} forEach AllDeadMan; }; sleep 6; But no success... Can someone help me, please?? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello Arma gurus! I need a little help, please. I'm trying to create a waypoint or trigger condition which activates with playableUnits present, EXCEPT a player who is a Curator. Is that possible? Thanks in advance!
  6. Load the game then try to reload your plugin, via teamspeak. Works for me. Good luck.
  7. Cigs4

    Acex vs Zeus

    Works!! Thank you, Mr H. You save me, again! 👍
  8. Hello, I'm trying to create a loop to satiate hunger and thirst on acex. I know this sounds weird, but I need it only for whoever is on Zeus, so he can do his job without interference. Thanks for the help.
  9. Thank you very much, Mr H. For your time and patience. 👍
  10. Thanks, Dedmen, but I'm not shure how to do this, then. Can you help and show me how to do it properly? Thanks again.
  11. Hello guys! I'm trying to load a bodybag in a specific vehicle, a plane in this case, but I'm having some trouble with this code: "cargoplane" is the name of the vehicle. It shows me an error "Generic error in expression". And I can't identify it. Anybody can please, help me? Thanks!
  12. Thank you very much, pierremgi. Works just fine. It's a pitty that I could not find the ammo class for the ACE_M14. 👍
  13. Unfortunately did not work... the trigger does not recognize the grenades. But thanks for the try. If anyone else could help, I'll really apreciate, thanks.
  14. OK, thank you very much! I will test as soon as possible.