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    [SP] Ammo Low

    Hey. I'm not really overeacted, but did you even read his replies up there? If you didn't, check it out then you could change you're reply. Also, it's not just about the mission markers. By the way, did I even flame for you to say that? EDIT: Anyways guys, let's leave this thread and not argue about useless things. I guess it had enough...
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    [SP] Ammo Low

    I was talking about removing the orders and the wrong personality. But again, sorry of being like that. I really hope you didn't mean that I created another account...
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    [SP] Ammo Low

    Huh? Why were you doing that? Aren't you supposed to figure out the mission without using a program? And no. Not really. I've just taken a lot of his missions. Familiar? And hold on a minute. Did you even read the introduction and the rest before replying? When you hover you're mouse over the mission editor, it says *create you're own scenarios*. I guess that means if you don't like the mission, say what you have but no need to complain about it because everyone has his own design in such things. And I believe that *you're* is the right sentence. I really liked you're feedback, but you're orders are such rude. I have seen you commenting on some missions and I liked them, but it would be a real pleasure if the thing I talked about earlier would be removed. Thank you for you're feedback. EDIT: That proplem is for admins/moderators to take care. It does not belong to members...
  4. It works great. I have no proplems till now. Will upload this as soon as I (maybe) find one.
  5. Higher

    DM sniper mission

    You should really put some effort on that.
  6. Who said Iranians are the bad guys O.O Anyway, downloading now! I will enjoy being a bad guy perfectly!
  7. Higher

    [SP] Ammo Low

    Hm... I didn't really understand you're reply, but I'm sure that its about thanking me. :) Thanks a lot.
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    [SP] Ammo Low

    Ammo Low by Bulldozer(Higher) Introduction After the Iranians invaded Altis, we, civilians, are no-where to go. There was a guy named Tasmanian Devil in my village, he established somewhat a thing called Resistance. I guess it's something like to resist and fight against the Iranians. But as me, a retired U.S special force, has no choice but to join them in their struggle and fight back the Iranians. I was born in this country, I must take an action. Same to others... Not because it's a good idea, not because it's impossible, but because we have to. The Iranians have toke our country, our lives. They've already taken our friends.* Description: After you joined the Resistance, our first proplem is the lack of weapons and ammo. There's a Iranian convoy heading up with 2 ammo trucks to a small hidden Iranian camp in the southern position almost near our main base. Some of our guys have passed information about this convoy: there should be an APC heading it up, and a rearguard HMG vehicle. That vehicle will be a bloodshed alone, but that is supposed not to be a proplem. The most important thing to remember that these trucks will be carrying ammo. The best course of action would be to take out their drivers and simply drive them away. Features: •Briefing screen •Tasks •Pictures •Briefing •Debriefing •Establishing shot Installation: Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder. Credits & thanks: Bulldozer(Higher) for creating this mission. Known Issues: Sometimes Jay would spot the convoy after you destroy it or even wouldn't. Sorry about that. I'm on it. Change Log: v1.2 • Changed the description of the EXT. • Fixed some text. Download links: • v1.1 Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26365 Feedback would be really appreciated and helps to improve the mission/thread. Thanks! PS: I'm working on to improve the picture in the thread.