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  1. Hi all. I'm a long time Arma player, but have never signed up with the forums until now. I wanted to extend a heartfelt thanks for the well thought out and executed mod. I have to admit, I got a bit wet while going through the JTF2 operators. I'm sorry to hear that the mods are coming to their close, though I can understand the stress it must put you through to continuously have to revisit your material to have it work with BI's persistent updates to architecture. The only major problem I'm having is that when I load some items in the editor I receive error messages - for example, any unit using the C8. I've noted that there are a few people looking to fix this. If the problem has been remedied, could someone point me at the solution? I apologize if this has already been addressed, but I went back several pages and couldn't find my answer ( I note that someone linked to how to update sounds, but I am no modder) My next comment is at Dragon - I noted you mentioned you use many mods that bring in real assets, rather than the futuristic fauna of A3. Could you by chance provide a list of what modifications you are using? I'm finding the modding scene of Arma 3 to be a bit overwhelming, so I started with something familiar; Canada. In addition to more factions (or overhauls of current factions) Is there anywhere I can turn to have this ridiculous fatigue system/weapon sway dealt with? I know I have watched videos with much more effective weapon handling, and I just now ran across the width of a landing strip with a JTF2 operator (that is, 1 single tarmac, perhaps 30 meters) and lost the ability to run until he caught his breath. The idea that a soldier should be out of breath in such a laughable distance is appalling, much less an elite unit like JTF2. Sorry to have veered off topic there. Let me bring it back around with a second, and equally enthusiastic thank you to Ohally. Even having only just started to use your mod, I'm sure it will enhance my experience with Arma immeasurably.