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  1. blackthorne556

    [OPEN BETA] [SP] bCombat infantry AI Mod

    Awesome. I've been avoiding this mod since I got into community play because I thought it was a non-option. I used this exclusively when I was a SP kinda guy. Any other behavior mods that work with, compliment, or go nuts when used together? I have to assume all other AI mods are right out, but some have comments about using them with others, so I figured I'd ask. ***Edit*** Having investigated the readme, it indicates not to use mods that alter CfgAISkill or danger.fsm Would that include using the AI skills module in ALiVE?
  2. blackthorne556

    [OPEN BETA] [SP] bCombat infantry AI Mod

    Oh. The description on the front page seemed clear that it was for SP only, so I had just assumed. So it works by setting it up on a dedicated server? Or only hosted MP sessions?
  3. blackthorne556

    Group Link 5 Special FX Edition

    So, I'm a little confused. If I understand correctly, the current working version is the mediafire link posted May 5th, not the one on PW6. The mediafire version is the FX version, not the AI only. How would I go about using the AI improvements only? Follow up - I'm a little hazy on what gets synced to what - If I want to use the AI enhancement in an ALiVE mission, where I place no actual enemy units on the map, how do I go about it? Or is it just the effects that need to be synced...?
  4. blackthorne556

    AiSS - Feat of Arms V2.0.0

    So I've done a bit of testing with this mod, and have a little feedback. 1. Needs - More - Aggression. The idea of "try to stay alive" is good, and that's something that should be maintained, but the AI needs to be more aggressive. Move up on the enemy, flank his position, gain elevation, and if that can't be achieved, perform a fighting withdrawal. The AI is too willing to get pined down in the interest of not taking risks. This is just as fatal as a bad charge. Locate the enemy, fire on him directly, or suppress him while your buddy moves, then change position. 2. The desire to move to cover is good. Once fired upon, units spread out to nearby cover - IF there is cover to be had. HOWEVER, I've noticed a lot of instances where a unit will move NEAR cover, and not place it between themselves and the enemy - Standing in front, or beside the rock or wall that could save their life. 3. Abandon hopeless positions. If the enemy is caught in the open, there needs to be an override to get them to disengage, retreat, and regroup. Currently they seem to look for cover, and if it's too far, they just give up and return fire indefinitely.
  5. blackthorne556

    [OPEN BETA] [SP] bCombat infantry AI Mod

    So every time I get frustrated with AI, this mod comes up a lot in my quest for better. Unfortunately, it's SP only, and I only play coop in a medium sized group. Are there any plans to bring out a MP version of this mod in the future?
  6. blackthorne556

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    So I've done some testing on this, and it seems like the vehicle behaviors combined with an ALiVE combined arms style mission don't work very well together. Trucks, cars, and APC type units will roll up, then everyone including the driver and gunner will pile out and abandon the vehicle. I can understand the behavior with a truck, but that's just plain unacceptable for an IFV like a Bradley... Tested with latest versions of ALiVE and using RHS factions.
  7. blackthorne556

    VCOM AI Driving Mod

    So I see a request for a "fix" and talk about lag spikes back in October, but no update since. How does this mod perform in it's current state?
  8. blackthorne556

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Sorry if this has been answered, I searched through several pages but couldn't find what I was looking for. In regard to the modified difficulty variants on the front page - Do these change the "behaviors" of the AI, or is it tweaking the "skills"? For example, is the "insane" difficulty more accurate, or just more aggressive? I wouldn't mind seeing the AI more aggressively flank, sprint to cover, and suppress the hell out of us. However, I would want to turn down the "aimbot" a bit. I also plan to use this with alive. Could I put down Alive's skills module and make the AI a little less "360 noscope" but maintain all the "duck and cover"?
  9. blackthorne556

    What is the best way to generate a great Sat Image?

    Alright. So I will have to go back and deal with the coastline after I finish the rest of my panels. So in editing, obviously I had to switch to RGB format. After all my editing is done and I'm ready to import my final images, can I switch back to indexed to cut down on size? Is that possible, or advisable?
  10. blackthorne556

    What is the best way to generate a great Sat Image?

    So, a little update - http://imgur.com/a/v2qVC That's the top left panel of 4. Before and after editing. I think I did pretty god for my first go at GIMP. Thanks for the tip about the clone tool. Infinitely useful. So far I've used it in creation of the shoreline, adding trees to the low res sections that I cut from further zooms and stretched, and for "erasing" the clouds. Thanks for all the help. I'm sure I'll be back with another hangup sooner or later!
  11. blackthorne556

    What is the best way to generate a great Sat Image?

    Yeah, I hadn't thought about that. The distance at which the sat image renders, I'm sure I could get creative enough to blend it in. I had hoped to avoid employing my extremely limited photo editing abilities, but if Bing lets me down, I think that may be the answer. Still waiting on the Bing Download... 90km x 90km at 100 m (well, 150 yard for Bing) is a great many panels. You were right about the Google results coming back patchy. Hopefully Bing's look better across the board and I can JUST use that, if not it will be a case of superimposing them and cutting out the one that looks worse. I suppose I could select the areas and adjust with color controls as well. Hopefully, between the 2, I can get all the non cloneable parts to show up without these damned clouds...
  12. blackthorne556

    What is the best way to generate a great Sat Image?

    Yeah, the ocean is fine. It's the deep jungle that I wish it would grab. I'm going to try grabbing the same zoom of the area with Bing. If that doesn't work I might try zooming out a bit and super imposing the best image on top of a stretched version of that. Hopefully that doesn't look TOO ugly.
  13. blackthorne556

    What is the best way to generate a great Sat Image?

    Well, I ran it with google maps. It didn't stop part way through like some of my projects. Unfortunately, there are many pieces missing. I'm assuming it leaves blank any places that don't have a file associated with the zoom level... Any thoughts?
  14. blackthorne556

    What is the best way to generate a great Sat Image?

    Yeah, I know I bit off a pretty big bite to chew on. The upside is that we have a resident Xcam expert in the unit to teach me how to populate it and provide assistance. I just have to figure out the base layers. Once I get heightmap, satellite overlay, mask, textures, and clutter all hammered out, we can get to fun stuff. According to my Xcam guru, there are ways to get large areas done with randomization algorithms. That will do for "painting" large portions of the map, and we can go on to fine tuning from there. I keep getting disappointed by maps that are either really nice but too small, or big enough but ugly. That's not to say that there aren't some out there, but there are a lot more maps than there are good maps. :lol: Some of my unit have worried about performance, but with the DX12 compatibility on the horizon, hopefully those of us who have invested in decent hardware will be alright. Those who have not really shouldn't get to set the standard :P So I've got Terra downloading in oziexplorer format. It's a huge download, so hopefully it works out. Either it will work - whether with some stretching/scaling or not - or it wont and I'll just have to bite the bullet and change some sizes and rethink which parts of my slice of the world are most important to me for inclusion. Thanks for the help so far. I'll report back on how it goes.
  15. blackthorne556

    What is the best way to generate a great Sat Image?

    No, I gathered my heightmap from http://www.opentopography.org/ I am using the coordinate input for both, so I would hope that (once scaled appropriately) they would line up. Also in reference to your earlier comment, I had considered using a 1:1 format, but the piece of the world I am trying to work with has so many interesting features, but I needed about 90x90km to take advantage of them. Hopefully this all works out, or after shaking off the disappointment I may be forced into a 1:1