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  1. Was playing long match 32vs32 pvp and this mod is insane! Those heli sounds add even more realism. Well done.
  2. Good news ! Thanks. Can you tell us more about "how awesome" it is ? (new engine) ?
  3. Yeah its broken omg...cant hear weapon sounds properly, vehicles are hella loud. . .
  4. Noticed this too, sound is same and doesnt matter if you are outside or inside. Anyway, i cant get enought of this mod, playing PvP on my fav servers with 64ppl and its OUTSTANDING. BIS should pay you and implement this mod into Arma 3 as standard audio, really. Those vanilla DMR sounds which you didnt covered sounds awful comparing to another weapons :lol:
  5. "O" and "A" have quite different position on keyboard to do typo like this haha. Yes, its purely weapon based project. You can mix it with JSRS if you want enviro sounds different than vanilla.
  6. Thank you very much for your hard work!
  7. Thanks for all your hard work Lax, everything you did is pure perfeciton.
  8. I have to play Red Orchestra while waiting on DS. Cant play on vanilla sounds, its simply terrible.... :mellow:
  9. calibre

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    What headphones ? Im using AKG K240mk2 for production for almost 10 years.
  10. Probably this http://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/1075781-tweak-enable-hpet-in-bios-and-os-for-better-performance-and-fps/
  11. Wow, awesome. I had volume pretty high, was listening to distance shots and then, it scared shit out of me :D
  12. All of my friends did, incl. me ;) I even dont know anyone who dont like this mod.
  13. Holy shhhhh.....sounds amazing ! You like to provoke, right ?
  14. Does this command fix decrasing FPS ? I think im experiencing 20fps less since i enabled userplatformclock. Is this even possible ? EDIT : I turned off userplatformclock and my FPS gained 15-20+ average so...back to ReshadeV5 now. Anyway, i have Z87XUD3H mobo and there is no HPET settings. Solano...is possible to bring V6 look into V5 also ?
  15. Haha yea, im playing arma3 just for 1 year but was always using JSRS/SOS. Servers where i play very often denied those mods because of incompatibility with latest BIS updates so last months im playing with vanilla sounds and my ears are bleeding. Thats reason why im so horny about Dynasound ! :ph34r: :D It looks like it will not be released so soon as i thought -_-
  16. Still works, restarted PC 3times. Looks like "problem solved"
  17. And because I cant even run v6.x - i`ll try Horus`s suggestion. Hope it`ll work. I`ll report today.
  18. Looks like BIS should investigate more and re-work current sound system.
  19. I think from all sound mods available, this one is....best in terms of balance. Cant wait to play with it!