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  1. I don't know if I can trust any of you anymore...
  2. :( so does this mean no more halo mods for arma? you guys are smashing all my hopes and dreams right now...why did it have to come to this? please don't let this project die out.
  3. Stooop :( I can only be so hyped...
  4. holy fuck my hype levels are through the roof right now
  5. No...please...dont tease me any more...i cant take it...
  6. Hey now, let them take their time. I'd hate a poorly made, rushed project
  7. http://i.imgur.com/1Kd5ho8.jpg
  8. I LOVE the "one final effort", it gave me sooo much nostalgia from my Halo 3 days
  9. Uhhg I NEED to see these in-engine! Haha and any updates on the Frigate or pelican? Or are you saving those for later?
  10. Huuuuuge Halo combat evolved vibes from those warthog pics....
  11. Jesus I love how those look... Please oh please don't let this project die like so many other cool projects!
  12. this mod take place before the events of the SPARTAN-IV program I think, even before first contact. So having a gen 4 spartan wouldn't make sense if Project Orion barley started lol
  13. oooooh i'm diggin how you handled the version with no attachments, is the assault rifle going to be getting the same treatment? so instead of the big ammo counter block you can put a holo sight or scope?
  14. http://imgur.com/a/aeJMC Here's a couple pictures of an Insurrectionist basic infantry member I came up with, I didn't want to to look too raggy or too militarized. hope this helps lol
  15. well these Spartans weren't really genetically modified, trained, or had access to the armor and equipment that the SPIIs' had. They were essentially ODSTs or other special forces members that the ORION program saw fit to receive more training, implants, and support. So I think they might work as long as they don't have the power armor but maybe can take a few bullets more and run a little faster than the rest...hmmm it'd be kinda cool actually
  16. Damn! That's looking soooo good!
  17. Gimme dat warthog, are you going to be making a version with no turret so it's kinda like the offroad truck?
  18. no please stop, i can't get any more erect than i am right now
  19. This mod takes place before first contact with the covenant.
  20. so something like this but a little more tinted? http://i.imgur.com/g0ccTbw.jpg
  21. Great work! I'm just so excited how far and how quickly this is going! allot of people would've given up by now...
  22. Kinda figured, but it's still awesome!