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  1. l337acc

    Arma3 Videos

    Loving the new Eden Editor:
  2. I've found several threads for this mod by different people, so I'm not sure who's keeping this mod up to date. So far it's pretty good, almost perfect. Any chance of getting a pause button? Using triggers for setACCTime causes gcam to not respond, and clicking the down arrow 10 times for the time isn't really helpful for what I want to do.
  3. l337acc

    What are some gpu heavy settings?

    I've got an i5 4690k overclocked to 4.2ghz, and a GTX 760. On my system the biggest frame killers for me is Objects and Particles. Objects is Standard, and Particles is low. Everything else I can run on high/very high, barring AA/PPAA. GPU runs over 95%, but CPU usage is 55%. It's something you'll have to play around with. Best way is to get one of the benchmark missions and spend a few hours tweaking it to your liking.
  4. l337acc

    [SP Campaign] Delta Force: Altis

    Let me know if its too easy. That objective is tied to the chopper, so it wont complete until it gets there - and it wont go there until all enemies are dead. Sometimes it gets stuck trying to hook up it's cargo at the airfield, so you'll have to retry the mission unfortunately.
  5. l337acc

    [SP Campaign] Delta Force: Altis

    Oooh okay, I see. I've been using the updater .bat file for each of those, so version for both USAF and AFRF. Edit: Just uploaded v0.8.2 to Media Fire v0.8.2 - Added failsafe trigger for mission 3 where plane wouldn't properly delete. - Reduced damage threshold for weapons cache from 0.5 to 0.3 for completion trigger on mission 4. - Added failsafe trigger for cache on mission 4 and removed RHS weapons cache completely. - Removed debug hint in mission 6. - Reduced accuracy and other AI skills for most missions. - Increased Delta Force AI sub skills to be more bad ass. - Changed player to "Demo specialist" on mission 4 so you can use the toolkit. Let me know how the enemy AI changes feel. I'll adjust it in the future, of course.
  6. l337acc

    [SP Campaign] Delta Force: Altis

    That should have been fixed in 0.8.1 but I'll look into it more for the next update. Mission 3 doesn't have a CAS plane, but has a problem with the transport plane not despawning when it's supposed to, so I've added a fix for that too.
  7. l337acc

    [SP Campaign] Delta Force: Altis

    Thanks, buddy! Glad you liked it :D Isn't that what RHS: Escalation is?
  8. l337acc

    [SP Campaign] Delta Force: Altis

    Ah okay, I'll see if I have anything like that set in the players INIT. HAHA! That was a debug hint to make sure a trigger fired which I forgot to delete. I've removed it for the next update :D.
  9. l337acc

    [SP Campaign] Delta Force: Altis

    Just got back from work, and it's been a long day. Got another long day tomorrow too, so I probably wont be able to release an update until the weekend. On a side note, I have tested out forcing some of the AI's subskills and found it gives a different feeling to the game, mainly more "forgiving". This is what I've tried: ["aimingspeed", 0.2]; ["spotdistance", 0.2]; ["aimingaccuracy", 0.2]; ["aimingshake", 0.2]; ["spottime", 0.4]; ["spotdistance", 0.6]; ["commanding", 0.6]; ["general", 0.7]; I don't want to make it too easy, as I want to retain the sobriety of going up against trained forces of overwhelming numbers. These values are definitely going to need some tweaking and I want to get it right. If anyone has any suggestions then that would be great. Yeah for me personally I like the challenge, but I can definitely see how it can be overwhelming for a lot of people. Maybe I'll keep things how they are and release a "normal" version? Nice! Sorry about the VA thing. I have no idea how to fix it.
  10. l337acc

    [SP Campaign] Delta Force: Altis

    Not at all. And thanks for the kind words :) It's pretty much up to you when you send in Alpha/Charlie, and believe it or not I made sure the campaign was beatable by playing it through without invincibility myself. I guess it helps that I know where everything is :P One tip I have for you is that once you make contact and the enemy knows you're there, they will try to seek and destroy your position or defend their positions. This is a good time to send in Charlie for flanking or Alpha for support once you have their attention.
  11. l337acc

    [SP Campaign] Delta Force: Altis

    I'll definitely give those a try. Do you happen to know if there's a way to fix that issue with the VA? Until I know how to fix it, I'll add it to the known issues. No hard feelings, man. I'll look into forcing the AI accuracy to be a bit less tough after I get home from work today. In pretty much all missions I have the enemy seek and destroy your position once your detected, to sort of mimic a realistic response. When making the missions, I set the enemy positions as if I were ISIS. I'll admit, there were some positions that I set enemies at that were almost impossible to counter so I removed them. The thinking here is that ISIS aren't a bunch of schmucks that decided one day to grab some weapons and establish a caliphate, they are well trained, well equipped, and brutal in their tactics - so I wanted to represent that to some degree. Hah, thanks for the feedback. Disabling the alarm should stop the mission from failing if you get detected. Arma 3 AI doesn't like to go through buildings very well, so your AI teammates should probably wait outside as you go into the building. I set the AI to be super dumb too, but also added a surprise or two. I'll look into a bit more when I get back today.
  12. l337acc

    [SP Campaign] Delta Force: Altis

    No problem! Hmm...I might be interested in seeing this "humanized" AI too. Does the MCC Virtual Arsenal also do this for other missions, or just mine?
  13. l337acc

    [SP Campaign] Delta Force: Altis

    Well it only took 5 minutes. PM already sent :D
  14. l337acc

    [SP Campaign] Delta Force: Altis

    Okay, well, I'm working on a solution for ya.