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  1. How can edit profile and set enable Advance fly model
  2. Hi i instal new windows server 2012 instal steam and instal arma 3 server. If i start arma 3 server he dont run and give me this error 0xc00007b . I try update server instal microsoft visual c ++ 2008 and 2010 and instal update direx and steal dont work
  3. Hi. I need disable zoom on server. I thing zoom witch write mouse button. If you have acog on your wepon you can zoom in acog from write mouse and this need disable.
  4. Can you add on tank turret mg turret can see on this image http://www.thinkdefence.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Challenger-2-TES.jpg
  5. Hi i have searched bug in tanks. Damage model is wrong. I use t-100 and 4 run apfsds and tank destroyed. From the side need 5 hit.
  6. Every time somebody took something from your addon, the dedicated server will crash with errors, Warning: sma_weapons\accessories\sma_aimpoint.p3d:VIEW_PILOT Error while trying to generate ST for points: 1654, 1741, 1711. And similar
  7. Nice addon Can you release pre alpha LPD - (development name the USS Carl Sagan) please. I see your video and this ship is unbelievable
  8. We search bug on M1A2. If shooter have secondary weapon (MG) and commander shot (M2) shooter change weapon on canon. Can you fix pleas ?
  9. Avarax

    Arma 2 LAV-25 Port

    Can you port m2a2 bradley ?
  10. Avarax

    United States Air Force

    I download v 3.0 and if i run game arma send mi Addon USAF_SFS_Pilots_Fuller reuires addon A3_char_acters_f_bootcamp how can fix ?
  11. Avarax

    United States Air Force

    Where can download v 3.0 ?
  12. Can you create M2A2 bradley, T-80,BVP-3,BTR-90, please because your vehicle's is unbelievable. Can you primary create T-90 because CSAT and russians don't have good tanks.
  13. Avarax

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Hi all. I have problem from PPT. He does not work on ts or game. If i use capslock in game radio doesnt active. No acre button does not work.
  14. Ou i cant see :D But now primary and secondary weapon work but errors still here
  15. Hi. I have problem from you addon. If i spawn M1A2 in editor and load to map arma send mi this error https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/1135x709q90/912/yZzbd4.png. Shooter in tanks doesn't work primary and secondary weapon.When the gunner fires no projectile leaves the gun. This applies to the primary gun and secondary weapon systems. Only thing that happens is the effect of weapons fire bun no damage is dealt and no shells/bullets are fired.Next problem is loader. If is he out site from turret loader hands is wrong on gun and gun is in loader can see on this image: https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/1680x1050q50/907/uA7IGP.png
  16. Avarax


    Hi your addon is very nice. But I miss vehicles: T-90MS,T-80,BMP-3,BTR-90,MI-28,KA-52. Can you add this vehicles ?
  17. Avarax

    East Static Weapons Pack

    Can you add BMP 3,T90, T90MS, 2K22M Tunguska M1, T-80, BTR-70,BTR-80,BTR-90
  18. Avarax

    United States Air Force

    where can dowload version 0.3 becon on pws is onli 0.2.2
  19. Can you update betaverzion on PWS