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  1. Just taking a shot in the dark here...can you package the parameters going into the animate command and send them directly to the corresponding player via publicVariableClient? Throw a publicVariableEventHandler into the mix that takes the data and runs the animate command on the receiving player manually. But, if you're saying the animate command is lagging even on the originating player then this won't work.
  2. drfriendly

    The Army Combat Uniform Mod

    Great addon RichardsD! Although I'm having issues with my dedicated server rejecting the key for this one. I'm also using the DAR_HUMMWV and DAR_MAXXPRO mods with no problem. Can anyone else confirm the keys are good with this addon?
  3. I'm having an issue with hints being instantly removed from the screen, but apparently it's only when I'm flying the UH60M_MEV. I use a lot of mods so I can't say for certain that this is the cause, but I don't have the issue in any other helicopters (thus far). Maybe it's some kind of issue with the built in medical functions of the MEV?
  4. drfriendly

    East Coast Tactical

    East Coast Tactical is recruiting again! If you're interested come check us out! We're particularly looking for active members who wish to fill leadership roles, but if you're only interested in a general role we need you too. Our current modlist (available in our PlayWithSix repository as well) is as follows: Required mods: - @CBA_A3 - @AIATerrainPack - @asdg_jr - @ACRE2 - @taw_viewdistance - @us_helos_kimi - @hafm_uaz - @hafm_uk - @dar_acu - @DAR_HMMWV - @DAR_MTVR - @DAR_maxxpro - @Burnes_M1A2 - @agm - @sthud_a3 - @EBU_C130 - @FHQ_Accessories - @fhq_m4_a3 - @hlcmods_core - @hlc_ar15 - @hlcmods_ak - @hlcmods_fal - @hlcmods_g3 - @hlcmods_m14 - @hlcmods_M60E4 - @kyo_mh47e_a3 - @sti_weapons - @SLTS_CG - @slatts_FIM92 - @Trixie_Launchers - @RAV_Lifter_A3 - @tec_csat - @FSF_SacVentral Allowed mods: - @JSRS2 - @blood_mist - @tao_foldmap_a3 - @BlastCore-A3 - @Blastcore-Tracers - @VTS_WeaponResting
  5. drfriendly

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    I'm having issues with the new version of AGM disabling all scripting chat commands (sideChat, globalChat, groupChat) is this intended behavior? It's affecting some missions I run that use the chat commands to pass on information to players.
  6. About East Coast Tactical Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time Dedicated Server located on US East Coast We are a friendly and mature gaming community that specializes in tactical gameplay. We use many mods in ARMA 3 to enable our members to enjoy the best experience possible. Under a command and control element, ECT members cooperate with and communicate effectively to support the tactical mission. We welcome non-members to all events. East Coast Tactical(ECT) hosts tactical and strategic game-play. ARMA has the potential to be a fantastic mil-sim platform and ECT takes it there. Players are members of Squads and Squadrons but are free to play any role the are qualified for. Quality leadership is highly valued in the ECT and opportunities to shine will always be available. Missions are played in a relatively controlled manner. Assaults into an area of operation(AO) are planned. ECT members cooperate with and communicate effectively to support the tactical mission. Training classes are held regularly to teach the ECT method. We offer training for new and experienced ARMA players alike. There will be basic training classes monthly (or as demanded) that teach the fundamentals of infantry combat & tactics in Arma 3. These classes are only meant to imprint a basic set of skills onto a player to allow them to function at the infantry level. Leadership classes will be held on a demand basis and will be required for anyone wanting to serve as Commander (CO), Second in Command (2IC), or Squad leader Specialization courses will also be offered on a demand basis for members that wish to serve as pilots or vehicle crew. Training for Mission Editing and scripting is also available; ECT encourages interested members to produce their own content to put into the mission rotation. We expect to offer many more special classes as Arma 3 expands with official content and community mods. Membership Requirements 1. Members must be at least 18 years old. 2. Members must be respectful, disciplined and serious about playing ARMA 3 as a Milsim. Team-oriented mindset is a must! 3. Members must be willing to install, learn, and use our modset. 4. Members must have a microphone and be willing to use Teamspeak so they can communicate effectively in game. How to Join Us ECT is a brand new community put together by veteran Arma 2 & 3 members who strive to play ARMA as a Milsim first, and a game second. We are still fleshing out the formula that will makeup ECT - early members will have a chance to influence our direction! If you're interested you can check us out at http://www.eastcoastgaming.net Jump on Teamspeak, join the forums, get involved! See you in the field!
  7. drfriendly

    Drone Auto Hover Question

    Drones are really iffy at the moment, especially the fixed wings which are really useless as you can't fly and control the turret at the same time, and the AI flight path is erratic at best. The Darter auto-hover works well enough, sometimes it's better to just tell it to loiter then take turret controls from there.
  8. drfriendly

    CSAT vehicles please

    This. The ragdolls are the only noticeable PhysX effects, and at this point the animations from Arma 2 still look better. I don't know how many times I've killed an AI and had them ragdoll in a ridiculous fashion that really just reminds me I'm playing a game. My favorite is when you headshot a prone AI and all they do is droop down like they've gone to sleep. It'd be nice to see ragdolls literally fracture from explosions and such. Helicopter rotors and fixed wings bending during turns. And like OP said, tank skirts actually moving. It's the little details that make the experience all the better.
  9. I'm not noticing anything really missing...it's mostly just sorting through the different menus and only being shown what's applicable to the weapons you're carrying. The only limitation I've had issues with is not being able to add extra scopes/attachments directly to your backpack or vest.