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  1. The 101st AirBorne Division ArmA 2 Realism Unit is an ArmA 2 'clan' based off of the real 101st . We play tactically and realisticly just as the Army would do in our perspective. We do training, operations, fun activities, and much more in the aspect of realism and tactical gameplay. Now, we have standards required as to joining. We have a strict discipline system, organized CoC, and a great staff and players willing to help and play together as a team. Respect is a big thing here. As to joining, you must read our Uniform Code of Military Justice which is about 12 Articles long. It's everything you should expect to be doing and everything that goes on and how things work out. It's an important asset to this unit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Information ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The 101st Airborne is a clan that takes realism to a whole new perspective using the ACE & ACRE mods as our base. We are based from the USMC and play ArmA 2 Combined Operations/Operation Arrowhead. We are currently mass recruiting as we need more members. The unit has been up for around Two weeks . We are strictly a Airborne unit as we have a strong pride in the 101st. We have some military certified veterans at hand. We aren't some random group of guys who doesn't know what we're doing. We are currently a new unit with a 40-slot dedicated server. We are on a high-roll activity recruitment with our unit. We want activity, dedication, respect, maturity, and most of all - LEADERS. If you got what it takes to join, then we want YOU! We are currently NOW TAKING PILOTS for a limited time only due to a ratio and the amount of people wanting to fly. What does it take to get far in the unit? Well, good question. All it takes is dedication, respect, activity(most of all), teamwork just to reach where you're trying to go. So, COME JOIN THE 101st Airborne Division ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Structure- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We have a Uniform Code of Military Justice which everyone single person in the unit MUST follow in order to maintain clan stability. We do loads of activities such as Operations, Joint-Operations, and fun events. Of course we do training also. What we expect out of our recruits is dedication, activeness, and respect. If you don't have any of this, leave this topic now. We don't tolerate disrespect here in the unit. Other than that, we have loads of fun. Our staff of officers do not play around and are serious about their subordinates being well-disciplined and trained. They do not take shit nor do they start shit or "bully" you because they are high of rank. I can tell you one thing, (Me) the Commanding Officer does not take shit from people, nor take sides in a situation. The CO makes the final decision if it ever gets to the CO and that's final. Send your suggestion. complaints, etc. up the CoC. Our officers are well-disciplined and trained so no problem will come out of them. It's YOU, the recruit who will make change. We make sure this unit doesn't fall on behalf of officers or enlisted. I gurantee you'll have a nice time here in the 101st, so join. Or at least try us out. Are Teamspeak Address is Join And Try us out