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  1. Sooke

    U.S.A. Foreign Policy & Defense

    I didn't say it was coming from a russian forum, I said this would most likely be popular on a russian forum. I know nothing about F-22 or F-35 radar ranges but I know for sure the F-18E is an entirely different beast than the F-18C, just like the A-10C is a totatlly different beast than the A-10A eventhough they look exactly the same.
  2. Sooke

    U.S.A. Foreign Policy & Defense

    lol what ?! That's like saying a Su-27 is the same as a Su-30. Maybe you can post this sort of crap on russian forums and everyone applauds but in here you better know what you're talking about. The F-18E is a lot more than a F-18C with new engines...Get a clue, please.
  3. Sooke

    U.S.A. Foreign Policy & Defense

    It doesn't make much sense. What's a F/A-18 A-F ? It's an average of the capabilities of the entire F-18 serie ?
  4. Sooke

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    Oh no, I was talking about everyone in this thread. But maybe I've been jumping on conclusion too quickly, sorry. Reading the thread it felt like most of you guys were somewhat disappointed that X or Y weren't actively fighting the Islamic State.
  5. Sooke

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    Why is everyone so supportive of a military "solution" ? Did it produce any result in Afghanistan ? Irak ? Lybia ? The only thing we've achieved in those countries is creating more chaos, more extremism and more hatred towards the west. Why would it be any different with IS ?
  6. Sooke

    Grand Theft Auto V

    I can confirm using mods in SP is safe, I've been doing it for a week and haven't had any issue with R* thus far. Looking at the GTAForums most people claiming to have been banned for SP modding are often the ones you find asking "how to I spawn this or that in GTAO" elswhere in the forums. So my guess is they're full of it and just got what they deserved. And it's not a total perma-ban, it's just a 2 weeks ban from GTA:O But Rockstar might loose its patience in the future.
  7. I came across these old pics while browsing my photobucket albums. I was quite sure I already posted them but can't seem to find them in my post history so...
  8. So I bought European Ship Simulator a few months ago and during a discussion with the devs on their Steam forums they mentionned they were working on a SWAT tactical game. Since Ubisoft once again messed up with R6 I thought I'd share the info with you guys, to cheer you up :) Will it be anything like the SWAT serie ? Nobody knows so far but there's still hope ! Here is the trailer :
  9. Sooke

    France General

    So what ? It's a polish initiave, it's not like France was threathening Poland with an economical blocus if they refused to distribute CH
  10. Sooke

    France General

    I think you're making a mistake if you think the muslims who rallyied after the attack to say "I'm Charlie" are the same than the ones who burn churches and threaten France with more attacks because of the last CH cover. When extremists commit attacks they do not represent the entire muslim population but when they organise a protest they do ?
  11. Sooke

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    I fully agree but if you haven't already, you should take a look at the video of the scene on Youtube. They have a really strange procedure to approach a potentially armed suspect...not to mention how they tackled his 14 years old sister and made her sit in their car just a few feet away from her dying brother...
  12. Sooke

    France General

    But who defines which beliefs can or cannot be mocked ? The non-believer or the person who holds the beliefs ?
  13. Sooke

    France General

    So if tomorrow some people living far away from Poland would order you to ban smoking, because it hurts their feelings, because it's banned in their country, because they have a book where it says it's forbidden, you would just comply ? ...
  14. Sooke

    The World's Highest Ranking UFO Believer

    Well...maybe they are already here...maybe it's us. Yeah, I know, far fetched. But like I said in my previous post, maybe they are doing their best not to be seen by us. If you imagine they've been watching us for awhile they probably understood we aren't the kindest species with what we don't consider human. Put yourself in their shoes, would you really want to meet a species like us ? I sure wouldn't. Sounds interesting, thanks ! I'll look it up. I think "morality" is more wide spread than we think amongst animals. They most likely don't understand it the way we do but somehow they can tell right from wrong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePgC91kcmN0
  15. Sooke

    France General

    I'm sorry but nobody is forcing all those nuts to read Charlie Hebdo. It's not like France was paradropping thousand of CH copies above muslim countries every week. In order to see those cartoons you have to look for them, they don't magically appear in front of your face. And what's next ? They are going to order us to ban porn ? Alcohol ? Santa ? It's time for them to evolve, not for us to go backward.