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  1. gridd_66

    VTS Simple weapon resting

    Variable, because it does it better.
  2. doesn't work for me, i get the hud up and settings but i cannot see any compass at the bottom of my screen.
  3. this worked for m thanks i just ported in to kunduz map and changed the helos... though my AT did get killed on disembarking.
  4. gridd_66

    ASR AI 3

    Just down loaded this and getting this ticket when i start game... have been using this mod for some time so not sure what this means? (Addon 'asr3_main' requires addon'A3_Weapon_F_Mark') can you help here with this? thanks
  5. gridd_66

    Cant team switch when dead sp

    ah cool will look.
  6. Hi mate no i just checked my (data folder) i do not have any mod called the HMD .2.7. @A3MP @ARC_NO_GP @ASDG_Attachments @ASR_AI3 CAF_AG_AudioPatch @CAF_AG1.5 @CBA_A3 @Cha_Rus @Drift_NoFatigue @fhq_accessories @HiddenIdentityPackV2 @hlcmods @L85A2 @lsd_nvg @mas @RDS @RHSAFRF @RHSUSF @ROBJ_BRITISH_ARMY_ALLINONE @SRCW_mod @tao_foldmap_a3 @JSRS2.2 @tf47_launchers @trixie_britishweapons @VTS_Weaponresting
  7. Just to let you know, i have posted on your steam bugs report as yet i do not know if you are aware of this. In editor when spawning AH-7 lynx etc, i get cannot open object/bmp_p3d. after deleting all the stuff in my mission editor i found it was these helos that now do not show up, before then i was getting errors like, (no entry 'config.bin/CfgVehicles/helicopters_base_f/Turrets/copilotTurret.selectionFireAnime) is any one else having similar issues? I am subcribed to the beta on steam and its latest updates as of yesterday. Hope posting here is of some help.
  8. gridd_66

    'team switch' while dead not working

    yep i just tried it again and still cannot switch when i die only when i am ok... (U) so do the BI now about this bug and why is it after like two years this silly yet simple bug is around?
  9. gridd_66

    'team switch' while dead not working

    Hmmm this is what could be causing this simple bug? I know that it works with (RHS First contact) SP missions as i have played this mission.
  10. Hi H hope this is the right place to post, anyway I have noticed that when dead i can no longer switch to another squad member in SP. I do not play MP anymore since the death of Gamespy. All members i place as playable in editor, fairly simple stuff, but after i upload to steam and test, when i die i just get the menu to switch team but nothing happens? Any ideas as i am scratching my head here. Thanks
  11. gridd_66

    Cant team switch when dead sp

    Yep i have this problem too as i only play single player, not sure why this is. Are there any fixes for this?
  12. Just down loaded this and have this popping up when i load up (AiA_Takistan config' requires AiA_Takistan Data)
  13. Thanks mate that seems to have done the trick,(how frustrating) that is was something as little as two spaces.
  14. Could you copy and past the whole line as to how it should look ? i will try this on our server, thanks -world=empty -gtqueryport= 2324-mod=@CBA_A3;@task_force_radio;@JSRS2.2;@Drift_NoFatigue;@VTS_Weaponresting;@trixie_britishweapons;@tao_foldmap_a3;@ASDG_JR;@ASDG_Attachments;@fhq_accessories;@lsd_nvg;@mas;@ASR_AI3;@ARC_EU_GP;@ARC_NO_GP;@HiddenIdentityPackV2