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  1. Hi ! Version 1.2 is out ! Nearly remove the use of temporary files. Only build types remains. Scripts have been re-coded for Powershell. See README for installation steps. Download : https://github.com/Lyeed/Build-with-AddonBuilder/releases/tag/v1.2b Leave a star if you like !
  2. Is your steam open ? I think it needs to be because of addonbuilder's dependencies Edit : not really sure about that, will check Do you have a folder in your %appdata% called BuildWithAddonbuilder ? If no : during the installation process, do you have any informations about files being copied ? If yes : could you remplace line 3 with in Build.bat (%appdata%/roaming/BuildWithAddonbuilder/Build.bat) echo %1 %2 "%~dp2\" -clear -include=%APPDATA%\AddonBuilderContextualMenu\types_included.txt > log.txt And post the content of your log.txt file Thanks for your interest !
  3. Build with Addonbuilder Contextual menu shortcut I was always annoyed when I had to build my mods or mission. It takes time to start Addonbuilder, enter your path blablabla. I wanted something quick, we're in 2018 why should it takes more than 30 seconds to build manually something ? PboManager have this feature in the contextual menu, I wanted the same, here we are. Image : Github repository : https://github.com/Lyeed/Build-with-AddonBuilder Download last version : https://github.com/Lyeed/Build-with-AddonBuilder/releases/tag/v1.0b Feel free to drop a star on the repository if you like. Known bugs : - It seems you can't build directly in the P: drive. You can trick this by not building your folder in the drive's root folder. Please report any bug or malfunction you may found. Thanks for your reading and have a nice day
  4. Have : MaxMsgSend=320; I notice this spams when a certain amount of players is reached. I will try changing this value.
  5. Hi everyone ! I was wondering if someone found a way to fix theses spams which are surely causing lags : Observer C Foxtrot 3-2:1 (Ted Balawi) REMOTE (CIV_23) in cargo of C Foxtrot 3-2:1 (Ted Balawi) REMOTE (CIV_23); message was repeated in last 60 sec: 17387 I suppose this is related to groups. Got plenty of these in my logs. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.