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  1. Started the german campaign... but when I try to move with the W,S,A,D keys I cant.. I can move with the arrow keys... And I can move fine with WASD in DLC D-Day... so how can I fix this? Edit: Restarted the game and that fixed it. But after some of the training, it crashed
  2. Was trying to do the D-Day mission, and when I get to the fence, I need to blow it up so we can get through. I take the charges, the wire and the detonator. Every time I take the Sapper tools, it makes the detonator disappear.. I have tried taking the sapper tools first then taking the detonator.. and different combinations of taking the things, but it wont work, always makes it disappear. I cant set the charges or put the detonator down without the sapper tools... Anyway to fix this? ---------- Post added at 18:21 ---------- Previous post was at 18:18 ---------- Also, are there any Multiplayer servers up for this?
  3. I have no trouble with following directions.. its finding them I am having a hard time with lol. I don't see any instructions on the main page, I do see a set up guide, but when I click it I get, "Internet Explorer cant open page" So, how do I get this working? ---------- Post added at 16:02 ---------- Previous post was at 15:57 ---------- Nvm.. I opened it in Firefox, and I have it working now
  4. Now, I am probably as stupid as they come... having said that.. Where is the download link? lol I cant find it on the page. Also, are there servers up and running for this?
  5. Ah.. well that's a bummer.. I don't have Arma 2... oh well lol I can wait
  6. Well haha :p lol thx. Any idea on the release date?
  7. Hey guys, I am completely new to this mod, just wondering if this is also out for Arma 3 yet.