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    How to setup a Headless client

    I just got a HC to finally connect and stay connected to my server using Linux . I'm not going to go over linux commands or do this comprehensively (because I barely know how to navigate around Linux myself) but, Here's pretty much what you gata do (and highlighting points where I misstep-ed ) 1) you no longer need to buy another copy of Arma 3 (Source) 2) Basically how you "launch" the HC is by launching another instance of the Arma3Server.exe but with diffrent launch properties. However you need to set the server up to accept the incoming headless client. Open up your A3server.cfg (or whatever config your server uses) Add these 2 lines, I mistakenly forgot the "headlessClients" portion headlessClients[]={"xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx", ...}; //This is the IP the server looks for to identify the HC(s). localClient[]={, ...}; //define clients with unlimited bandwidth and nearly no latency battleyeLicense=1; Now save your .cfg and make a new .Arma3Profile for your headless client (you can name it whatever) battleyelicense=1; Cool, now you can put this where ever (like next to your servers profile). And now its time to launch the HC. arma3server.exe -client -connect=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -password=yourpass -nosound -name=HC -profile=HC -mod=@CBA_A3;@blah;@blah;@blah The HC should now connect to your server and look for his proper slot to join (by virtual entity). otherwise he'll just sit there spitting out an error constantly. hope this helps!
  2. Everything worked besides updating the score. (probably because the charge is labeled "SatchelCharge_Remote_Ammo_scripted" which tells me there probably isn't an actual owner with how AGM handles explosive placement) But for what I want, I don't need a score board. The markers updated beautifully, which is enough to signify that the cache has been destroyed proper.
  3. I did change them, but it seems the explosive still dose not trigger the score in the test mission. I am using AGM, and I'm not sure what it dose to the satchel charges, if it replaces it to a new class name or if they just renamed it. I also tried disabling the blocks or even removing those to see if it blows, but that didn't work either. An interesting effect happens when i block out the 2 groups of code, is that it dose it proper cook-off, jumps around the Z plane, then resets as if nothing happened. No score is recorded either. So again, to reiterate, I'm not sure if AGM changes the class name of the satchel or just renames it, but even disabling it doesn't help.
  4. first, This is something I have been looking for to make a mission for a while. Thank you for this module. However I have 1 question: Where in the code can I change the requirements to blow the cashe? My community uses a mod that changes how our Explosive Ordinance work and is labeled.
  5. Well, you may or may not know that the game spy server have been shutdown. Therefore Arma moved to steam support in server hoasting/browsing/listing. Everything you need to know is here community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Dedicated_Server If you've done everything here, make sure you have forward the ports for the SteamQuery, that way steam can see your server and list it on the "internet".