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  1. hello i have a small problem with the tanks because when a tank is damaged in a dry caterpillars after the second oberwaniu it is renewed .how to fix it?
  2. Hello :) What is the progress of this mod for that arma 3? :)
  3. arma 2 why all aircraft have the same after the destruction of the wreck spitfire? :)
  4. What a pity maybe after the update will be more
  5. Is the arma 3 will be more vehicles ?
  6. in my tanks are immortal and repair themselves
  7. This is how to solve this problem with tanks in my previous post
  8. Hi, if only I have a problem with such a PZ IV side armor falls off and a tank gets shot again this again renews the armor?
  9. chycius

    Arma3 MMO

    Pojazdy z tych gier przydały by się do arma3
  10. what intend to do with this mod ?
  11. skąd mogę pobrać ten mod ? LINK please
  12. Hey I have a problem because allinarma not detect me my arma 2 combined operations how to fix it?