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    BX GateBuilder Questions

    Hey everyone, I've found a program that is called "GateBuilder". It looks really the same like O2, but a few functions were deleted (like Buldozer). So my questions: What what does it all about this program? And why i cannot change the texture paths or open Buldozer to view my models? And at all, how it works? And is it really easier than O2 Oxygen? Thank you for answers regrets
  2. Hey guys, I'm creating a OFP tribute MP mission (since about 6 years) and want to do something so i need your help. I don't know it's possible that the thing i want to do really works. So in my mission you have a way that you must drive to a house, called checkpoint B. When you're at B, mass of enemys will engage you. Im trying to activate a respawn that will respawn you at the house at checkpoint B, but when you die before you have reached checkpoint B, the respawn will not work, because you are not already at checkpoint B ;) Is it possible to do this? I will not begin to cry if it's not possible :D thanks for your help! greets fireatwill
  3. Hey guys, i'm one of those who is still playing OFP, and one of those who is still using OFP-mods. I know that some of you don't know about fixing problems of this vastness of ofp mods, but maybe i've a lil bit luck and you can help me. So everytime when we are trying to play OFP with FFUR 2007 or ECP-Mod on Local Area Network this MODs crashes about 10 Minutes after we start playing. The Windows error is: "Arma: Cold War Assault.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close". Especially this problem appears when we are playing MFCTI. This error occurs alternating on my pc and on my friend's pc. Have anyone an idea how to fix this problem? Regards FireAtWill
  4. fireatwill

    ECP Mod or FFUR Mod Multiplayer game crash

    Okay thanks for your help. Now i know that FFUR can cause heavy problems during MP. WW4 seems to work, maybe the reason is that they removed all special moves from the units. Now i must switch to another mod or just playing OFP. thanks again! FIreATWill
  5. fireatwill

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    Hello guys. I am a big fan of ofp/arma which is unhappy that missed to buy VBS2 !! Is there a legal way to get it? Is someone selling his licence or where can i buy it? I hope to hear positive replys. kind regads FireAtWill PS: OFP/ARMA will never DIE !
  6. Hello, I'm going to create a little police-shooting range building to make a tribute to good old ofp. My work on this is at a very advanced stage, but when i'm going to click at Topology -> Find Non-Closed some end points of the walls are marked. I've read in a tutorial that i have to delete those faces and hit F6 to create a new. But that dont solve the problem, these points are still marked. The only thing that work is to create 2 Faces at the same Face, but of course you see the texture will flicker. The automatically closing do not work, too. So my question is: what can i do? Is it my mistake or a error of O2? I hope that im not forced to delete all marked components, because that will be a lot of work :( thanks a lot for every kind of answers!
  7. fireatwill

    Need Help - Non-Closed Topology?

    Ok, i've created new walls following your advice and i helped, all walls are convex and closed now - thank you! Now i have another but a little question about modelling a trash can for example. I've tried to create a cylinder and then i put a bigger one over this. Then i've deleted all faces and created new faces on my own and after this with convex cull again. I made this to be sure that this faces are closed, and they was! The result was a hollowed can. But after this i've made a new check and tadaa: the convex and no-closed warning appeared again. So my question, is there a special way to create hollowed tubes that are convex? I remember that i've done this a few years ago to testing how it works, but my hard disk crashed and so i forgot the way to create this. :rolleyes:
  8. fireatwill

    Need Help - Non-Closed Topology?

    Thanks for all new replies! @ krzychuzokecia: I tried it but these points are still Non-Closed. I used the Mearge-near function. But it was worth a try ;) @ =SappeR= I've tried your suggestion, too. When i'm do this, oxygen only merge 3 points to create a face. So 4 selected vertices will merge into 3. The fourth vertice dissapear. Is that correct?
  9. fireatwill

    Need Help - Non-Closed Topology?

    Thanks for your answer! 2004 i've made my last addon so i forgot some basic things about O2: When the resolution LOD isn't closed - is it possible that i expect problems later with Geometry LOD? I'm very dissapointed that nothing helps me to close these faces. By the Way: In Non-Convexities these points are marked, too. So whats my mistake ? :butbut: