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  1. JustRoger

    Help regarding Artillery smoke!

    People aren't going to write this for you. You have to at least try show you want to learn how to do it. Try doing a script yourself if you can't figure it out then come back and post it. I've been researching EventHandlers (EH) for a good week with about 4 hours a day into it. I have yet to ask for help because I want to learn how to do it before coming here. "Teach a man to fish" theory is always the best.
  2. I was building a script to compare one thing against a pre-set array. I just used weapons as an example because it is mentally easier to sort (at least for me). Just testing event handlers, pulling out information from their arrays comparing it against my preset array, all of it is just testing, learning the logic and trying to stream-line the code. example: If player fires 6.5mm ammo type, is that ammo type in my array list, if yes then execute code. I'm sorting specific ammo classes then once that specific ammo class is matched with the ammo class in the array I have this for notification: hint format ["ammo type found: %1", _ammoType]; player addEventHandler ["fired", {_this execVM "checkType.sqf"}] // my init.sqf _ammoType = _this select 4; _ArrayAmmo = ["B_65x39_Caseless", "B_65x39_Caseless_green"]; // short example of the array - MX/C/M/SW/3GL and Katiba, Type 115 if (_AmmoType in _ArrayAmmo) then // used this from the above suggestion from @Larrow { playsound "beep"; // One beep for found. (defined in description.ext) Else { hint format ["ammo type: %1", _ammoType]; // show me what class name was fired but not in the array. playSound "Beep-Beep"'; // Two beeps to notify not found. (defined in description.ext) }; }; This logic will be used in a more complex script I am working on. I appreciate everyone's input on helping me this far. seriously thank you
  3. I used grumpy's version and sorted it by: if (_Output >=0) then { code...}; // true - since 0 is first weapon, 1 is the second, and so on. I just needed a comparison from string value against an array that I setup. I ran across Killzone_Kid's info on making everything uppercase then doing a comparison. Since I am copying the Class_names directly over I don't think case sensitive will be an issue. (hopefully).
  4. I searched for a long while for this before posting. (fairly new to this so keep the snark to a min) I am trying to compare a string against an array: _Wep = "Weapon1; _ArrayWeps = ["Weapon1", "Weapon2", "Weapon3"]; _IsInArray = _Wep in _ArrayWeps; // is _Wep inside the array should give me a boolean for _isInArray of true/false? or do I have to do: if (_Wep in _ArrayWeps) then { // true}; OR if there is a better way to please do share. I do appreciate the input.
  5. ** naughty necro'd ** removed post lock thread. por favor.
  6. JustRoger

    RH Acc pack

    I was happening to look at your mods (everyone on BI and Armaholic posts that reversed order [for whatever reason]) I just happened to see your mod as the last of about 25 I was looking at. So by the time I saw the posting I was like "fuck sake" and posted about it. Nothing to do with you personally. Your mods are brilliant. hope this helps explain this.
  7. JustRoger

    RH Acc pack

    you "assume" that everyone knows this. Being correct in format especially when it comes to coding and the understanding of things is "nerdy"? that like saying, History, "bah... who cares about the details....". Alternating current or direct current, bah... what does it matter. smh
  8. JustRoger

    RH Acc pack

    WHY is this in reverse? x86 = 32 bit not 64-bit. (In the 1980s and early 1990s, when the 8088 and 80286 were still in common use, the term x86 usually represented any 8086 compatible CPU. Today, however, x86 usually implies a binary compatibility also with the 32-bit instruction set of the 80386.)