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  1. Man0fRen0vati0n

    Real Armor Mod

    Out of curiosity, are there any plans for documentation on armor thicknesses of the stock mbt's or other RAM compatible ones?
  2. Man0fRen0vati0n

    East vs West (OFP inspired mod)

    Thank you for the info, I have never seen that page before, a lot of things make more sense now for sure!
  3. Man0fRen0vati0n

    East vs West (OFP inspired mod)

    I stand corrected. :P It is true that the vehicle will take some damage on initial impact regardless of armor, but this effect can be reduced considerably by increasing the vehicles ArmorStructural value to at least 1000. As I said before, Olds who created the Real Armor Mod will have a lot more knowledge of A3 damage handling than I do. I do know that he will be updating his mod in the near future to contain pre-defined materials for modelers to use. I would imagine this would include composites and Special Armors, but I think there is still some time to go before ERA will be implemented. ---------- Post added at 16:37 ---------- Previous post was at 16:33 ---------- Do you have 7Zip or WinPBO installed? I would also recommend you google or search in the forums for how to solve your problem, it's hardly new and there should be plenty of info for you to learn yourself.
  4. Man0fRen0vati0n

    East vs West (OFP inspired mod)

    I do not own the game myself, but a friend of mine was a loader on an M1A1 and he bought the game, he told me it was probably the closest to reality outside of military only simulations that he knew of. It definitely is a hardcore game compared to A3. As far as the T-72B goes, from what little info I have I would guess that on a well sloped surface (i.e. front hull on T-72B) Kontakt-5 probably will increase the armor thickness vs. KE by roughly 50%. Armor vs. HEAT thickness will likely double. This is a very very rough estimate though.
  5. Man0fRen0vati0n

    East vs West (OFP inspired mod)

    Hi! I really do love what you are doing with this mod, I especially love hearing that you are putting effort into shying away from the pure hitpoint damage system. I would seriously recommend getting in touch with Olds who created the real armor mod. I would also recommend using a resource such as SBWiki for the game Steel Beasts. SBWiki contains armor thicknesses for the M1A1 (HA) and T-72B (which I believe would be accurate for the time period) as well as many APC's and other vehicles. Hope this helps. Good luck, I hope to see this mod continue to grow. -M0R Edit: Just as FYI, if you do choose to use armor info from any source, make sure you use RHAe for KE as your thicknesses. Made the same mistake myself.
  6. Man0fRen0vati0n

    Burnes Armories Tanks and Deployment Vehicles

    Burnes, I'm a big fan of the features and ideas that Old's RAM brought into A3. However, many A2 ports suffer from having incomplete or simplified fire geometries. Will your heavy vehicles be different?
  7. Man0fRen0vati0n

    Burnes Armories Tanks and Deployment Vehicles

    Yes, thank you Raid. Actually, most of my understanding of physx came from working with your M1 mod. I have been messing around with different torque and gear ratios on your M1 when I decided to find out what the real values were. Surprisingly, it almost seemed as though the information didn't even exist on the web. The X1100 transmission used on the M1 is a Allison product, and Allison normally provides detailed tech. specs for all of their products. However, I found that they do not provide such information for their two military-only transmissions. I came across a PDF on dtic.mil a few days ago that answered all my questions though. The document was a User's guide for a new computer based propulsion simulation that was introduced in the late 80's. And, thankfully, M1 Abrams simulation data was included in detail. To view the report, go to http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/ and in the search bar look up AD-A203264 (the form number). The second result should be the actual PDF. Use the table of contents within the PDF to find the info you need. Information provided includes, but is not limited to: Torque vs RPM Sprocket HP vs Speed Rolling Resistance Fuel Consumption vs Speed Acceleration vs Time etc. An interesting thing I found is that the turbine idles at 1000 RPM, but produces peak torque (6033 Nm) at 800 RPM. Maybe because the tank "steps off" in 2nd gear it can make use of torque 200 RPM lower than idle?
  8. Man0fRen0vati0n

    Burnes Armories Tanks and Deployment Vehicles

    Hi! I'm not sure about the exact level of realism that you are trying to include in your M1 pack, but, if you already don't know this information, I can provide detailed transmission and engine specs. Let me know if you are interested or not. And thanks for making the M1 public! :D
  9. Ha, good point. I wonder if we will ever see that implemented?
  10. Loving this addon so far. I'm hoping that more features (and just maybe more aircraft) will be added in the future. I do have one little suggestion though. I like that a lowered boost value is scripted for better takeoffs, but I feel that the effectiveness of afterburners could be handled a bit differently. (Just my 2 cents.) Here's an example of how I set up the AB: if (((getpos _plane) select 2) < 7500) then {_Boost = (((speed _plane) / 1400) * 1.07);} else {_Boost = (((speed _plane) / 2100) * 2);}; if (((getpos _plane) select 2) < 7500) then {_maxspeed = 1400;} else {_maxspeed = 2100;}; if ((speed _plane) > 400) then {_fueldrag = 3500 + ((speed _plane)/2);}; In other words, the faster you go, the faster you go faster. :D
  11. Man0fRen0vati0n

    [OPEN BETA] [SP] bCombat infantry AI Mod

    Alright, I'm pretty familiar with editing bin and text in arma, just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Thanks for the help! :)
  12. Man0fRen0vati0n

    [OPEN BETA] [SP] bCombat infantry AI Mod

    I still cannot run jar unfortunately. Is it not possible to edit bcombat's different settings through a text editor or is it just not recommended? ---------- Post added at 20:33 ---------- Previous post was at 20:31 ---------- Not sure, the message closes so quickly I can only make out the first word (Error:) or so.
  13. Man0fRen0vati0n

    [OPEN BETA] [SP] bCombat infantry AI Mod

    Hi! I have reviewed the last 10 or so pages in hopes of finding someone with a similar problem as I. (Apologies if I have missed any explanation prior to said pages.) My java installation is up to date, but, when executing the .jar, I get a command window explaining some sort of error which immediately closes. Any insight into what I have done wrong? Again, apologies if this is a dumb *** question on my part. Thanks.
  14. Hi, this truly is a fantastic addition to the game. But, can we expect more realistic range limits in the future? Perhaps rocket assisted rounds as well?
  15. Man0fRen0vati0n

    M1A1 MBT A2 Port

    To my knowledge this system is used only on models up to and including the M1A1. The M1A2 .50 is operated with the commander turned out or, if equipped, inside via the CROWS weapon station. The "hunter-killer" role is used on the M1A2 only, which has the Commander's Independent Thermal Viewer mounted.