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  1. thanks a bunch pepe..you're a life saver ;)
  2. PwndaBwear

    Are we at the brink of World War III?

    when it comes to that i think europe will become hardline and kick every non-european out in order to prevent social collapse...and will litterally exert a strong military presence and show it's teeth. if history teaches anything is that when government fail to do something about the problem the people will dismantle the government with violence...just look at the rise of national-socialism and communism..those came into reality because of extreme circumstances and suffering people had to endure. and it will happen again when spineless incompetent politicians and corporate leeches choose personal wealth instead of economic balance and peace..war and social unrest always means big money for the select few...if the people is not willing to see that then they're doomed to make that same mistake again and again
  3. Can anybody help me out here? I've been wanting to texture Kerry's worn out fatigues..you know, the one with the military mtp pants and the black shirt with rolled up sleeves above the elbow. but i can't figure out the files i need..i tried a few but were completely wrong and spent hours for nothing -_- please help me out, thank you.
  4. PwndaBwear

    Are we at the brink of World War III?

    one thing is for sure europe won't be the battlefield this time...but like NodUnit says, more like Cold War 2 then anything else. kinda feels the same when i was a kid in the 80's with the sovjet union and the us. radical politicians swinging their dicks at eachother..this is orchestrated bs...with the threat of a looming cataclysmic war politicians will take more and more liberties from the people to exert more control by militarising the police, already happening in the states btw. putin is doing it in russia, obama in the states and israel can continue doing their war crimes against civilians and radical muslims kill unopposed fellow muslims who have a different view on islam. and europe is divided and looks like an idiot not managing to take a stance especially when the us is spying on allies. american news is a vicious propaganda machine and will condemn anyone who criticises israel..russia, no different..go against putin, you are on the watchlist. everyone has an agenda and it seems no one can be trusted..in this day and age right and wrong is a matter of opinion and your friends are the ones you buy and who agree with you. it just seems to me that the only ones that cause problems are the ones who can't get enough money regardless what race or creed
  5. Massi, please port vilas FN FNC in the next update! Sarei molto grato, bello mio. ;)
  6. PwndaBwear

    NRF Units

    the man has a good point lol
  7. PwndaBwear

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    yeah, i got that one. unfortunately, it's not the same. no 3 burst selection on that model nor is there any attachment possible. on the fnc even though not a common sight, it's attachment compatible. atm i use the ak5 for the paracommando units and the japanese type 89 rifle full buttstock for regular infantry...but it feels very unsatisfying. pls someone port the fn fnc to arma 3...it's a jewel
  8. PwndaBwear

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    is it possible for someone to create or port the belgian rifle fn fnc to arma 3? :pray: i've been looking everywhere and asking around but it seems people are more interrested in creating or porting weapons that already have been created/ported :depressed: if i missed something, in the sense there is a way..please let me now..many thanks
  9. PwndaBwear

    STI Addons

    @Stiltman: man, i love your work. the release of the bonus rifles is badass..finally a complete set of scars that can take on the majority of the attachments. been looking for that grenadelauncher version for a long time. however, i really miss them in black. any chance of updating your awesome pack with black versions of the scar?? Pwetty Pwease?? :notworthy:
  10. PwndaBwear

    R3F French Weapons Pack

    k thank you for the reply :)
  11. PwndaBwear

    R3F French Weapons Pack

    would it possible for you to make a Belgian weapon pack? or atleast port over the fn fnc solid and collapsble stock? been looking all over for the fn fnc...drives me crazy. keep up the amazing work, it's very much appreciated. :D
  12. PwndaBwear


    hey Ice9, how did you get the fnc from arma 1 to work in arma 3? it doesn't show up anywhere, i must be doing something wrong :/ btw do you guys have a site where i can follow your progress? EDIT: nvm i figured it out..tbh the k1-fnc looks like a smaller toy version of the fn fnc. besides, it has serious clipping issues when aiming down the sights..i'll pass on it.
  13. nvm the problem is solved with the new update...i love the virtual arsenal, makes dealing with long scripts almost non existant..thank you bis XD
  14. that really doesn't awnser my question. i said "recruits" meaning ai you add in your squad. i wanted to know if you can customize the loadout of the ai with this mod..if yes, how?