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  1. I'm wanting to set up a course with different sized targets that stores shooter data in the same way that the pop-up targets do. I've been searching for a couple of hours with minimal success, so I do not know if this is even possible. Basically, I'm hoping for an init line I can add to an object like "this storeShooterData;" that will allow me to do this. Does anyone know?
  2. Relays and such, definitely.
  3. Could it be possible, in the future, to set it op so you can set up relays? Maybe allow a drone hovering above the AO to receive and relay a frequency so that someone on the other side of a hill to get comms.
  4. J_ONeill

    Request {willing to learn}

    Oh wow. I looked around for so long for an automated way to do it with no success, so resorted to the manual method. Thanks a ton!
  5. J_ONeill

    Request {willing to learn}

    I'd suggest starting with Jakerod's Atlas Guide to Arma 3 Terrain Editing. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?188299-The-Atlas-Guide-to-ArmA-3-Terrain-Making I just started no more than a month ago, and once I got the basics down, I started looking around for how to get real life height maps and such, and then began taking tons of low altitude images of an area via Google Earth to stitch together into a large satellite map. So far the hardest things for me to learn was creating/importing a heightmap from scratch. It doesn't give you "From Scratch" but gives you everything you'd need to get started. I've also been using CAP's video tutorials for more help on things I was having an issue with. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUiViqS-dLHruCtyGL_bHrYDgmgkNV2E5
  6. Nice. Thank you, again.
  7. Thank you. Greatly appreciated. :D One more question. Is there a way to quickly replace the names of files instead of doing them one by one?
  8. I'd like to know if anyone has created an assortment of textures to use when map building? I'm not really sure how best to find textures outside of the ones that came with the tutorial I'm using to learn map making, but within it, there are only five. Grass, dry grass pine forest floor, dirt and soil. I'd like stuff like asphalt, sand, mud, stone and other such textures. If they're already in the base game, could someone tell me what directory I could find them in to add to my map's data folder?
  9. J_ONeill

    Operation NorthStar (ONS)

    Thanks. It'll be some time til it's playable, but I'll read more into that when I get there.
  10. The APERS mine doesn't explode. It only beeps. It's good for doorways and whatnot where you want to know someone is coming through. It's a perimeter alarm. As for Bounding, your body has to actually touch the mine, so make sure you are.
  11. I think it's pretty good as is if you use it as a trip for more than one guy. Rarely is a soldier moving alone by himself, so the odds of someone tripping it increases with each person you add. I imagine they're more likely to set it off when walking, which again, most soldiers will be doing when patrolling which is generally what a tripwire used against.
  12. J_ONeill

    Operation NorthStar (ONS)

    Hey guys. My name is J.ONeill and I'm a Master Corporal in 7CMBG. After speaking with Lt Colonel Morency, I've decided that I want to try and create a new map from scratch, based on the Gagetown training area. I'm very new to modding in any respect so am slowly learning how to do things as I go, but I have already managed to stitch together 135 satellite images of the area into a 10240x10240 satellite image covering a 10kmx10km area. I've also imported a height map of the area to use as a baseline for the map, that I will be editing as needed to fit our needs. Current plans for the map include: An airfield with the ability to safely land and take off from with large aircraft such as the C-130J. A firing range extending out to 1.5km or 2km. A drivers course/area for LAV III and Leopard 2 training. An artillery range where our indirect fire support can practice live fire of the M777, M109 and M252. Classrooms for new recruits and display areas to showcase our equipment. Parade grounds for awards ceremonies. This map will likely be quite a while in the making because I'm still learning so don't expect it in the immediate future.
  13. I've followed this guide to the letter, yet roads will not appear in TB for me. I've placed several roads and done all the steps yet they do not appear in buldozer at all.
  14. I figured it out. Two issues actually. The first was my Core Folder. I needed to depbo it and place it inside my root P Drive. I had done so, but it was core\core\files instead of core\files. I also depbo'd my languagecore_f file and placed it inside the P Drive. Controls are working as are the menus.
  15. Alright. Yeah, I did the mikero method because it seemed to be the less labor intensive of the bunch. Will reply once I redo it and let you know if it worked or not.