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  1. The latest release of CUP Terrains is very impressive. Zargabad is amazing now. I hope that the Sahrani terrain is updated soon, SMD was very impressive but not very pretty now as mentioned above. Great work by original author, was my favorite terrain until Apex :(
  2. jcleland

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Ah, thank you. And the comment is right there in the file. :) -James
  3. jcleland

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    I apologize in advance if this is a duplicate question. I can't find an answer to it, so I thought I would ask here. I'm experimenting with porting Liberation to other terrains and I'm wondering if the missions state that's written to <profile>.vars.arma3profile will collide or if there is some sort of "namespace" in which they are saved that keeps each mission's variables separate. I've always used a different mechanism for saving my missions states such as a flat file that I read/write via a thin IO mod, I have no experience with profile variables and how they are stored. Thanks in advance for any feedback on this and again, sorry if it's already been asked. James
  4. jcleland

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    I never tried this, thanks. Regarding the unloading of boxes from the truck, have you tried ACE interact with the vehicle and unloading cargo? We've found that there are two ways to load and unload boxes, ammo specifically, from HEMTTs: One is use the mission option described above. Should see yellow text, space bar, loads cargo. You can also use ACE to load the box, this results in a progress bar being displayed and the cargo is loaded. I've never tried to unload the boxes from a repair HEMTT, but I'm going to try now that it's been pointed out :)
  5. jcleland

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    I've had the same problem. What DOES seem to work for me is a Huron container, however. I have fuel, ammo, and repair containers within a reasonable distance of my helipads and they seem to work. If this doesn't work and you have access to Zeus, you can always repair the vehicle at the appropriate time by open it's properties, setting the health to < 100%, then hitting ok. Open again and change the health slider to 100%.Boom, fixed. :) Obviously, most players would prefer to have the Huron repair their vehicles and may not have access to zeus, but that doesn't really help you repair a damaged vehicle in the AO... For a while, I would just recycle the vehicle and build a new one.
  6. Anyone else notice that the LRPS elevation/windage adjustment is broken? It used to be sub-MOA, now it's much more coarse. I can't actually zero 7.62 at 500m, it's either 0.2 with holdover or 0.3 with holdunder. This is a lot different from 1.12, I'm having to change my loadout. Hope this gets fixed. Great work on the mod though, I've been using it for quite some time and everyone who plays on my server appreciates the selection of weapons and accessories. It's obvious that a lot of work goes into this. James
  7. Thanks, I'll try that next. The method mentioned in my previous reply doesn't work for some reason. I'm sure allPlayers is still returning players, but there's either something wrong with the condition or their returned position is not where the body is located... continuing to diag_log.
  8. Thank you for the reply. I tried allPlayers as an argument to BIS_fnc_conditionalselect with the condition being {<position> distance _x < radius} but arma produced a lot of memory output and subsequently crashed. I don't think it would be too expensive to use something like: _players = [allPlayers, {_position distance _x < 100}] call BIS_fnc_conditionalSelect; where _position is the center of the area and 100m is the radius. The problem is, it's run a lot which might be why I'm seeing problems. I'll try it again and get a new rpt file.
  9. I apologize if this is a dup, searched and debugging for a while and stuck. I'm trying to detect players, conscious or unconscious, within distance of a position. Using ACE 3, players that are unconscious are not returned by <position> nearEntities["Man", <distance>]; The documentation for nearEntitiesspecifies that only alive will be returned so I'm guessing that they are not considered alive. Is there a simple way to select all playable units using either nearObject or nearEntities, whether alive or dead? Tried nearObjects but no luck. More: In CfgVehicles, I don't see any other typeName for a dead player, it seems Man is the root of all of these types. Above this is Land which is pretty broad. I have considered using Land and filtering using BIS_fnc_conditionalSelect, but I'm not sure how to specify a unit that's alive... since they seem to be considered dead. Thank you in advance, James Edit: Got nearObjects and nearEntities reversed in the original post. nearEntities["Man",<distance>]; doesn't return knocked out players.
  10. jcleland

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    I'm not sure I explained my issue correctly. Let me give an example: A fire team is completely knocked out within an active sector (ACE knockout) and the first player unit becomes conscious after a few minutes. During the period of time while all players were knocked out, the sector changed from active (red) to gray (empty?). Once the first player is conscious, the sector is blue, but after a short period of time (I've seen this in the script, maybe 40 seconds?) OPFOR respawns a fresh set of infantry, vehicles, etc. What I'd like to do is edit the mission so that the OPFOR within the sector do NOT despawn when all player BLUFOR units are unconscious. Normal deactivation (if the last player leaves the activation area/respawns/etc) is fine, but I can be knocked out in the middle of town with a small team and OPFOR despawns within a short period of time. I need this to be at least my configured bleedout time in ACE 3. Thank you for your reply!
  11. jcleland

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Thank you for the effort that you've put into this mission, I think it's coming along great and I'm currently running this as the default mission on my dedicated server. I've disabled the revive and just use the default ACE 3 behavior. The problem I'm having is that, when BLUFOR units are knocked out for an extended period of time, the sector deactivates, then activates again when (if) they become conscious. I've been looking through the mission script but have failed to find where the sector activation timeout is located. I'd like to either a) lengthen this to a value that exceeds my bleedout time or b) modify the condition to select units that are unconscious when deciding if the area should deactivate. There's nothing like bandaging up, only to have a fresh set of OPFOR spawn right on top of you :) Speaking of which, is caching of the sector planned so that progress isn't lost if it deactivates/reactivates? I apologize if these are duplicates, I'm still trying to catch up on questions that have been answered, but I was unable to find solutions to the deactivation issue when searching the thread.
  12. Having similar problems with custom configuration. Trying to accomplish "veteran", but with 3rd person available to players that are used to it. Players on my server also like the scoretable, but this is not as important. I've tried all of the different suggestions that I've found in this thread and abroad, but I seem to either be stuck with "regular" or "veteran", depending on how I've configured the custom settings. Currently have custom named CustomDifficulty as suggested above, but this results in what appears to be "veteran" configuration. Stuck, but still looking for solutions. Good to know I'm not the only one having trouble. Edit: Cyprus' settings worked for my server. Changed scoretable to 1, positive effect. +1
  13. Thank you for the reply. I did eventually find the information on the difficulty changes. I've been away from the game for a few months and have some catching up to do. I AM still stuck on 3rd person view in my configuration. I've defaulted my settings to Custom and specifically set this in the server.cfg due to my preference conflict between verteran and regular. Really, the only setting that keeps me from using veteran is the ability for users to play in 3rd person. In custom, this is set to true, but I am unable to switch in-game when testing this configuration. The other settings that I have defined in custom seem to apply, I must be missing something. Still working on this one. Thanks again, James Edit: Issue appears to be resolved. viewed this thread, created simplified profile with single "CustomDifficulty" class and used "Custom" in mission class var. Works as expected. Made a few changes, effect realized. Moving on.
  14. Searched this, there are a couple of topics but neither helped. I've always used difficulty="regular" in my server.cfg for missions and my <profile>.arma3profile for class regular-flags-WeaponCursor=0. This hasn't changed for over a year, but I logged into the server the other day and noticed that I had a weapon cursor. I've updated this dedicated server install a few times since actually playing on the server. Am I overlooking something? I tried moving the profile location on the command line just to be sure the server was reading the correct config and files were created in the new location. reverted this change. The dates on the files in the profile directory seem to be updated each time I start the server, so I'm guessing that the correct ones are being read. My regular difficulty config looks like this: class regular { class Flags { Armor=1; FriendlyTag=1; EnemyTag=0; HUD=1; HUDPerm=1; HUDWp=1; HUDWpPerm=1; WeaponCursor=0; AutoGuideAT=1; 3rdPersonView=1; ClockIndicator=1; Map=1; AutoSpot=0; UltraAI=0; UnlimitedSaves=1; DeathMessages=0; NetStats=1; VonID=0; }; skillFriendly=0.80000001; skillEnemy=0.75000006; precisionFriendly=0.57999998; precisionEnemy=0.57999998; };
  15. jcleland

    Render Distance for Grass

    This is server-side configuration though, right? A comment on the scripting API page suggests that the user's local settings are not considered on a DS. I'm trying to figure out how mods such as ALiVE allow this to be set per client. I was able to set mine to a high setting (the settings in the PDA for that mod seem arbitrary, like 1-5, 5 being the highest) without noticing significant loss of client FPS. Some of the players that are regulars on my server don't have the most powerful video hardware or CPU though and I'm reluctant to change this to lower than 6.25, where it is now. Still, I'd like to see grass for 200m or so before I'm only seeing terrain. It seems like 6.25 gives me about 30-50m before sparse becomes none. I haven't checked this value exactly, but there's definitely a noticable drop-off when viewing terrain from a slighly elevated position, such as viewing flat terrain from a hillside or 3m above. Thank you for the suggestions again though, this is not a huge issue. I know my video can handle more than this, so I'd like to see a more realistic foliage environment if possible. Obviously not a show-stopper by any means :) James