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  1. IGG Jaypee

    EG spectator close on escape key

    that keybind you are speaking of is that in options-> controls where you set it? Also: _KeyDown = (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyUp", "hint str _this"]; doesn't show any keys when the spectator camera is running. Anyone know what is up with that?
  2. IGG Jaypee

    End Game Spectator - Feedback

    Running this: _KeyDown = (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyUp", "hint str _this"]; shows hints correctly in the game. So showing the keys pressed and all the rest of the parameters passed by the events. Though when going into the EG spectator it stops working. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. IGG Jaypee

    EG spectator close on escape key

    Thanks for the answers guys. Though: I knew that i need to call: ["Terminate"] call BIS_fnc_EGSpectator; My question is how do I get user input to fire aforementioned piece of script?
  4. Hi Guys I,m running the eg spectator when the player is alive through addaction on a laptop model. spectator.sqf: _spectator_settings = [ player, // The target player object [], // Whitelisted sides, empty means all false, // Whether AI can be viewed by the spectator false, // Whether Free camera mode is available true, // Whether 3th Person Perspective camera mode is available true, // Whether to show Focus Info stats widget false, // Whether or not to show camera buttons widget true, // Whether to show controls helper widget true, // Whether to show header widget true // Whether to show entities / locations lists ]; ["Initialize", _spectator_settings] call BIS_fnc_EGSpectator; I want to be able to close it again through keyboard event. Hitting escape now will open the main menu. Using displayAddEventHandler seems the way to go but how do I find the spectator display? If there is another easy way to close the spectator system i'd also gladly hear it.
  5. Hey guys, We're running into issues on our modded alive server: our ammoboxes are exploding after a few days of playWe're running ACE3, Alive, Tfar,... We spawn the crates in and move them around with the ace interaction system. They seem to be randomly exploding when we put them on the terrain and if we place them inside these metal container barracks. Anyone having the same issue?
  6. IGG Jaypee

    Altis map glitched

    I've seen this before when setting object viewdistance to the shortest setting. Might wanna check that setting
  7. Cool Galzohar, thanks for the reply. That cleared things up.
  8. We are getting unexpected results in our logfiles when running the script below. This is just a testscript to help us understand the behaviour of our real project. We were hoping that "call _code;" would drop two identical numerical valuesinto the log file but as can be seen that did not happen. _spawnCode = { _code = { diag_log str(val); _i=0; while {_i<9999} do { _i=_i+1; }; diag_log str(val); }; sleep 0.0015; call _code; }; val =0; [] spawn _spawnCode; while {val<50000} do { val=val+1; }; ////////Logfile output////////// 20:51:34 "10000" 20:51:35 "27553" references: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Function#Call "Unlike scripts, functions halt all other game engine processes until the function has completed its instructions."
  9. IGG Jaypee

    German Armed Forces Mod

    So when can we buy this DLC then? Or is for a different game?
  10. IGG Jaypee

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    Did anyone manage to pack the before mentioned scripts? I'm having bad luck with the addonbuilder. Where the also reported to the original mod dev so he can update his official build?