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    Door opening and closing

    Hi i am wondering, why the interaction with doors in Arma 3 is still so frustrating. Why dont the Arma team just use the mechanics from DayZ SA? In the beginning of the SA the opening and closing of doors were very similar to Arma 3, but the SA team did change the mechanic how the interaction with the doors work. Now i only have too stand in front of the door and look at the door to open it. In Arma 3 sometimes i have to search a few seconds to find the right spot on the door to open it. Please improve the door interaction
  2. I made a new video using a long range scope. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBCUimfdPZc&feature=youtu.be No sprinting, running or much stuff in my pockets. So please tell me how can i aim accurately with this sway. And again, you can hear my char breathing after i held the breath, but there were no difference in sway :O How can you implement such extreme weapon sway, when there is no weapon resting?
  3. :confused: what are you talking about? What do you mean with loose arms? In the video i did not sprint any time, just picked my weapon + scope and went prone. And there alone in prone position the left and right sway is to much and holding breath does nothing. If i say the sway is to much, i dont say that i want call of duty like run and gun, but if i take the time to go prone + hold the breath, there should be minimal sway for a short time. It doesnt feel right to me, its like i am playing a drunk soldier. And with the holding breath, this has to be a bug, because i am not the only person who sees no difference at holding breath or not.
  4. No it does not work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cdMBc98ZSg here i tested it in the editor to eliminate bugs from koth. You can hear my chars heavy breathing after i held the breath and while holding breath the sway does not change. The tower is 230m away, so how should i hit something accurately at 500+m? And look at the end, where i stand up. The sway is extreme. Yes there should be sway while standing, but this feels not right. It feels like my char is drunk. And sorry but in my opinion, its the wrong priority. I think i have never read something, that the community wants more weapon sway. Shouldnt it be the first priority, to optimize the game/engine, before changeing something unimportant?
  5. Hi In my opinion, the new weaponsway is just to much. With a normal reddot sight it doesnt feel so bad, but with any scope for longer ranges like an ARCO its almost impossible to aim accurately at longer ranges. I made a short video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRitJmwzFss&feature=youtu.be As you can see, my char is crouched and my scope sways extreme from side to side. And if i go prone the sway decreases, but its still to much. And i think holding breath is broken. It helps not a bit. In the video you can hear my chars breathing after i held the breath and the sway increases for a short time, but in the time of holding breath, there is no difference. :butbut:
  6. HAseONE

    Why i have to stand still at most actions?

    The thing with Mods is, that if i use them i cant play on Multiplayer servers i think. The same thing is at healing myself or revive someone. Put the weapon away, start reviveing. Enemy appears "oh an enemy, let me first take my weapon before i go to cover" ...
  7. Hi I play Arma 3 since the anniversary sale, and one thing makes me sick... Why do i have to stand still if i change weapons, reload... its so annoying. Changing weapon while full sprint is not what i want, but let me move! Or if i landed with a parachute. My Char have to pull his weapon out and stand up, before i can move. These situations where i cant defend myself or go out of the line of fire are frustrating :pet5:
  8. HAseONE

    Unreadable compass

    Yeah here the same :D
  9. HAseONE

    Bugs/issues in update 1.22

    I thought they fixed the reload and fire mode switch sounds. But today i played king of the hill and it is worse than ever. I heard constantly fire mode switching and reloading as they would stand right next to me. And sometimes i heard one shot fired, that sounded like it came right next to me, where nobody was :D