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    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Would be cool to have United States Federal Agent units, like NCIS, FBI or CIA (which is more realistic), Had a look around couldnt find any mods like this
  2. Centurion International Defence Corp [CIDC] GMT London European Unit ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to have the Milsim experience but bored with regular army Simulation units, this private military is the one to join, we are fairly small due to our philosophy of Quality not Quantity, enlisting is just the first step of getting accepted into the unit, the 1st phase of training will consist of Basic Combat Training, if we feel that you are not up to our standards, you will not be able to join and you will need to reinlist when you feel you are ready. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teamspeak Info: ts3.cidc-pmc.com Public Server/Operations Server [ACE/ACRE] : Filter CIDC Website: cidc-pmc.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements : • 14+ of age. • Have a working microphone. • Have OA • Be Mature, We have off the job banter, but there is always a line • Must understand fluent english • Must make time for training & Operations. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We have Operations every weekend usually split between join ops with other larger milsim units who have hired us or standalone operations for the government, We are serious and we are Realism, but we are a PMC, There is always Banter, We are a family, We are a community, you will get to know all the members like they are your old school mates, I can assure you that this unit is a lot of fun and I have the great honour of leading it Signed LT J.Lovren
  3. Correct me if im wrong but i think steam will keep support
  4. no only you need the MCC however i would not recommend making missions using the console
  5. Squad name:- Centurion International Defence Corp [CIDC] - Private Military Timezone/location : GMT Britain Gamemode preference Cooperative Operations Contact email: Contact Form on Site cidc-pmc.com Teamspeak: ts3.cidc-pmc.com Website address: cidc-pmc.com Short description: We are Private Military Contractors, a lot of the time we go on Join ops with other units who essentially have hired our services, we try and set up these operations every weekend but if we cannot find any jobs we do general operations for the UK Government. We are a small group and do not intend to grow into the 100s, our philosophy is quality not quantity, and if you do want to join you are required to be dedicated to the unit as there will be extensive training in specific fields over a period of time so that all our members are equivalent to special forces, we are a family and our top aim is to have fun, but unlike other arma 2 realism units, in our unit everyone has an input and if you feel that a situation can be dealt with in a better way, you will be heard out. Be sure to check out our teamspeak ts3.cidc-pmc.com, also we have a dedicated insurgency ACE/ACRE server, filter CIDC Language: