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  1. About IAF International Armed Forces is an Arma MilSim community that aims to bring a realistic, yet fun experience to players out there.*** We are still a very new community and are still working on making our first MSO misison. Therefore, if you decide to join you will probably rank up faster because we are still low in numbers. IAF is a community that focuses it's gameplay on MSO (Multi Session Operations). members are expected to participate in at least 75% of the operations of their unit,*** this is to ensure that we have a consistent playerbase during the bigger events. Currently we are still focused on Arma 2***because a lot of people’s computers are still struggling to play arma 3, Though we are not planning to stay at Arma 2 for good of course… Recruitment To join IAF join our teamspeak at “tsa.internationalarmedforces.com†and submit an application on the forums of our website www.internationalarmedforces.com The requirements for joining IAF are that you must be at least 18 years old to join, you also need tos peak english well enough for people to understand you. If you are 16 or older you can still aqpply to join IAF and be allowed into our junior programme, this means that you need to live up to high expectations and prove that you are mature enough to be in a MilSim community.
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