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  1. Svenssond

    OHally's T-10 Parachutes

    The parachute does spawn, and the player gets in to the animation, but no hanging backpack. And the landing, (as said earlier) is a bit rough! I get injured all the time, and we use CSE's CMS.
  2. Svenssond

    OHally's T-10 Parachutes

    scooterperpetual is right, there is a Backpack called T-10 in VAS BUT When ejecting and opening parachute, it's just a ordinary parachute, not the T-10. I guess its just used for the backpackmodel, not initializing the real chute.
  3. Svenssond

    OHally's T-10 Parachutes

    We could not get it to show up either. May it be that the Standalone of theebu's C130 miss the script?
  4. Thank you nkey!! Keep up the good work!!
  5. What version of TS do we use now, still 3.14 or can we update to 3.16?
  6. Svenssond

    OHally's T-10 Parachutes

    Yes we are all looking forward to this! A sneak peak beta would be great!
  7. We use pararescue in my clan and we are really looking forward to this!