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  1. Thanks gunter. I just checked the addon witthout using playsix and now it works. I guess I shouldnt use playsix anymore
  2. Hello there. I tried Arma 3 and I can’t stand that game. So I am coming back to arma 2. I am having issues that when I shot someone I get the error “script slx_wounds/s/slx_wounds_hit.sqsnot found”. Any ideas on how to solve this? Thanks.
  3. gamer3

    MCC Sandbox - The Mod

    Alright, one more question. is there any ways to use GRAD rockets on the artillery menu?
  4. gamer3

    MCC Sandbox - The Mod

    Ok this is my favoruite mod ever! just a quick quesion, how to you make civilians spawn in groups? certain civilians like the ones from bis have this option, yet some like the ones from duala doesn't. is there a thing I should modify for it to work? and is there a possibility to spawn a large amount of civilians at once to populate a city? Thanks!
  5. Sorry to necro this post, but I really need some help here. is there a way to make this traffic module default for all missions? I would love to have civilians around the campaings without having to modify them mission by mission.Or at least use other mods like mcc to activate the traffic module in game? thanks!
  6. Yeah he did it, but it's note very reliable, you need to press the freelook button for it. The non ace version brings a lot of bugs and the Ai doesn't use the feature. No disrespect, Shacktack guys are great, but if someone could get to know how bis implemented the fire from vehicles in A3, and use the knowledge to apply to A2 would be the best feature in years, after all PMCs and rebels would finally act realistically UPDATE. Ok looks like this new feature relies on this new command "enablePersonTurret" some more info here http://dev.arma3.com/post/oprep-firing-from-vehicles and http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?183549-Firing-from-Vehicles-feedback Is there any way to ask Bis for this new script command in A2? Or is there any heroic modder capable of tackling such task? After all mods like CWR wont be released on A3 and how wodnerful would it for us to have the feature avaliable in A2? We have been waiting since OPF for this feature :bounce3:
  7. How about a replacement pack? I really like the campaign, but US vs RUS is still my favorite setting. I know there are mods on that, but not to make replacements!
  8. Hey fellas, after seeing the new A3 patch and shooting from vehicles, do you think is possible to do the same in A2? I tried the littlebirds addon and it it didn't work very well (Ace dependdant). I also saw some folks making some scripts that don't work in multiplayer. Hopefully the new A3 patch can help a talented modder to make such feature in A2?
  9. gamer3

    Minihattan Island

    Great stuff Bracer! Is the A2 version continue to be updated too?
  10. gamer3

    Weapon recoild camera shake mod

    Hey Saku! Finally I found someone who agrees with me on the camera shake! Since OPF I've been looking for such function! But seriously, I believe I talk in behalf of the community here... we need an ARMA 2 VERSION(pleaseeeee?)! If it was possible, it would be the addon we have been waiting for years!