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  1. that solved the issue thanks. Now I just need to figure out the new that arose. Ill post here for help if I cant figure it out, thanks again!
  2. this seems to have resolved the initial issue however for some reason, _x throws an error stating "undefined variable in expression _x. I thought _x was a reserved var name that refers to all the members of an array? _x addEventHandler ["GetIn", {
  3. alright i will try these fixes and get back to you guys, thanks!
  4. This is the code I have. It is in an sqf file and is run by an exec command in the init. class Only_Pilots_Fly{ //this setVariable ["PilotCanFly", true] ~ use this to allow a unit to fly put in unit init _choppers addEventHandler ["GetIn", { _vehicle = _this select 0; _seat = _this select 1; _player = unitsGlobalVariable; _pilotSeats = [ "driver", "gunner" ]; if( ( _seat in _pilotSeats ) ) then { if( ( _player getVariable ["PlayerCanFly"=="false"] ) ) then { _player action [ "eject", _vehicle ]; }; }; }; }; here is the relevant part of my init. unitsGlobalVariable = player1,w1,w2,w3,w4,w5,w6,w7,w8,w9,w10,w11,w12,w13,w14,w15,w16,w17,w18,w19,w20,w21,w22,w23,w24,w25,w26,w27,w28,w29,w30,w31,w32,w33,w34,w35,w36,w37,w38,w39,w40,w41,w42,w43,w44,w45,w46; //put all your player unit vars here ; //place all your choppers in this array for only pilot fly script _choppers = ["CH1","CH2","CH3","CH4","CH5"], {[0,0] exec "Only_Pilots_Fly.sqf"} foreach _choppers; What I am trying to do is combine modified elements of two scripts provided for public use here on the forums. The one script which has no known problems and runs separately of the one I am having issues with is meant to give players the same loadout they spawned with on respawn. I am using the same list of variables as the other script I am using except they are stored in a global variable for ease of use. The one I am currently having problems with restricts the ability to be in the pilot or copilot seat of the specified aircraft based on a command typed in a player units' init. I am new to mission making using scripts so any and all help is appreciated and detailed, noob-friendly explanations of the solution to this issue, if you know it, couldn't hurt! Also, the error is thrown when I preview the mission, not when I get in a chopper.
  5. So, I have been browsing the web looking for answers as to why I can not get music to play in my mission? Is it broken currently? I followed the steps posted in another topic but that topic did not resolve the issue for the person and has since died (topic: Does anyone know anything about this? My code is duplicated from that topic.
  6. i keep get the error script script heliRespawn not found
  7. Straight Forward Gaming is quite simply looking for players with the skills needed to make and edit a custom "Life" mission file. We also need players who have various other skills when it comes to making custom life mods, like objects, scripts, and databases. If you are a life developer, and want a new project to work on that is NOT just trying to be your average life server, come join our TS3 @ For the most part, we are a small community that is growing, and laid back. We strive for next-level immersion and roleplay. So if you think you have the developer skills that might just help our community take life mod gaming to new heights, by all means, please come visit Straight Forward Gaming! SFG Community Manager, BigDeluxe
  8. MK18 Mod 1

    Is there any way to fix the optics not working on these guns?
  9. Russians

    I specifically said i dont want to have to deal with initialization because you have to set it for every single unit. So what do I do?
  10. Russians

    I am not sure if this has already been asked, because there is over thirty pages of replies.....but why is that the Russians are an independent force? I was expecting them to be opfor.....I really dont want to set hostile script stuff for each unit, other than this issue the mod is excellent and the weapons and vehicles look great! I just need opfor....